Alternative Uses of a Bobcat

Bobcats are among the most favoured brands when it comes to excavation work. The mini excavators from the company are famous in the construction industry for their excellent digging capabilities. But these compact digging machines have more potential than what they are typically known for.

Compact excavators can be used in different applications with the help of the right attachments. Contractors can take note of the various ways that they can use a Bobcat on the work site. They can also seek advice from Dee-Gees Bobcats, a reliable bobcat hire service that provides excavators and expert machine operators.


The Bobcat can use an auger as an attachment to become effective drilling equipment. With the auger in place, the machine can be used to drill the earth to install posts, footings and foundations. The equipment can also be used to make it easy to replant trees with big roots.

The auger can work in any type of soil, including rocky areas. Drilling and digging are made fast and accurate with this attachment, which stays in place because of a higher torque.

Land Clearing

A rock bucket attachment is the attachment to use to turn a Bobcat into a land clearing machine. The heavy-duty attachment is very good at separating rocks, fallen tree debris and other large and unwanted materials from fine soil to prepare the site for construction purposes.

Land clearing can be made more efficient with the use of a clamp attachment along with a trenching bucket or a three-tine grapple attachment to lift and remove large items such as tree stumps.


Grading is an important task in a landscaping project. This task is intended to level or slope the ground according to the specifications in the design plan. The mini excavator can be used for grading with the help of a grading bucket attachment. The grading bucket can be combined with a swing accessory to make backfilling and levelling more efficient.

Another way of turning the excavator into a grading machine is through the use of a grade blade attachment. The attachment can be used to create slopes or level the ground with its 55-inch blade. The work can be made easier with a swing accessory.


There is a trenching bucket that can be attached to the compact excavator to dig narrow and deep trenches at the site. Any ditch can be shaped with the use of a tilt grading bucket as an attachment.


The Bobcat can be used to break concrete roads and sidewalks, tear down small structures and demolish swimming pools with the use of attachments such as breakers, grapples, buckets and clamps.

To learn more about how to turn the mini excavator into an efficient site preparation machine, consult with experts at Dee-Gees Bobcats.