Thinking About Landscaping? Start With A Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is a common saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin, which is as true now as it was back in his day. Those who disagree argue that too much planning destroys spontaneity, but most projects are too expensive and important to leave everything to chance. However, there is always room for last-minute changes to accommodate a sudden burst of creativity.

Don’t Waste Time and Money

When the project involves landscaping, a lack of planning could see time, effort and money wasted if ill-conceived garden placements and plantings need to be removed and replaced. Even the smallest outdoor area benefits from some forethought about where to place seating areas, outdoor lighting, ponds, paths and other features.

When a client contacts us to discuss a landscaping project, their need can be as simple as hiring a truck and driver, or as involved as site preparation requiring the use of bobcats, rock breakers, trucks and experienced operators. At Dee Gees Bobcats, it is not the size of the job that is important, but how well we understand the needs of the client and what is planned for the site.

A Simple Sketch Will Get Things Started

If you have a site that needs landscaping and you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you first put your ideas down on paper, even if it is just a preliminary sketch. For an average-sized house block there is no real need for complex and expensive formal drawings, but setting a budget and costing your ideas will ensure you have the funds to complete the project.

Make Good Decisions – Compare Quotes with Budget

Decide on the positioning of permanent features such as a covered barbeque area, paved walkways, garden beds, fencing, water features and such. Measure the spaces to make sure everything will fit, and decide which tasks require earthmoving equipment or other professional expertise. Obtain quotes for everything and compare them with your preliminary estimates, then adjust where necessary to fit everything within budget. There may be tasks you can do yourself to keep costs down.

Preliminary Planning Essential for Large-scale Projects

Planning for large, expensive landscaping projects follows a similar process but it is usually done under the supervision of a project manager. Typical sites include retail and commercial centres, new housing estates, retirement villages and apartments. We have worked in both environments and for us, as the earthmoving contractors, it is only the scale of the project that is different.

Plans Provide Motivation and Direction

Creative types who would prefer to just start anywhere and follow their noses often find they run out of money, leaving the project unfinished, sometimes for years. Starting with a plan, even a basic one, provides motivation and direction, and still leaves room for the creative spark to show itself at appropriate times.

Heavy Machinery + Inexperience = Danger

There are many things a good handyman can do for himself around the house. Being able to change your tap washers, clean out your gutters, paint a wall, and trim small tree limbs are all very well, provided you know what you are doing.

There is no doubt that undertaking some of these tasks will save you money. For other tasks, it is important to weigh the risk against your skills. Operating heavy machinery looks like child’s play when you watch a child play with his or her Tonka truck in the sandpit.

Certainly, good operators with skill and experience such as the crew at Dee Gees Bobcats possess make it look simple and easy. If you do a search on YouTube you are even likely to find operators of such finesse they can make their machines “dance”; but we digress.

The truth is though that each and every one of our operators has undergone formal training and achieved a level of skill that allows for them to hold the appropriate “tickets” or licences to safely and successfully operate our range of heavy machinery.

Complete and Thorough Assessment

Whilst there are the normal procedures for clearing trees, building roads and digging holes each job is different and will bring its own set of issues with it. When we come to have a look at a site we want to get an idea of what is actually required, what obstacles may be present such as trees, fences, retaining walls and buildings, as well as how we can overcome them.

This will give us information as to which size machine will best suit the job, what tools may be required to assist, what precautions should be taken and roughly how long a job could take.

Frees You Up To Do What You Do Best

They say you should always employ a field specialist to carry out quality work.

There are many reasons for this. We make hard work look easy and can do it in a lot less time with no damage and a lot less cleaning up. Not only that but we are covered with Workplace Health and Safety compliance. This frees your time up to pursue your own work or personal interests.

It makes sense for you to concentrate on what you do – or more importantly want to do – best. If you don’t know, then employ someone who does.

Benefits of Hiring Earthmoving Equipment Professionals

In many construction or renovation projects, an earthmoving service is often required. Whether the project is small as in a residential swimming pool, or large as in major civil works, road construction or building erection, earthmoving professionals need to be hired.

While it is possible to hire equipment only, it is highly recommended that you hire earthmoving equipment professionals to operate the machines. Here are just some of the top reasons.

Quality Work

You are assured of top quality work when you hire a professional for an earthmoving project. If you are working on a strict schedule, hiring a professional will help ensure that that schedule is met. Since there are less chances of making mistakes, professionals can perform the work smoothly and in a timely manner.


Professional earthmoving companies are sure to be covered by insurance. This protects you as a client from any liabilities in case accidents occur on the work site. It would be very risky to conduct the work yourself as there is a possibility that untoward incidents could happen when handling heavy equipment such as excavators and other earthmoving machines.

Equipment Handling Expertise

Earthmoving equipment cannot be handled by untrained individuals. Dee Gee’s Bobcats, which specialises in earthmoving equipment hire, can provide machine operators who can handle the machines properly.

The company’s equipment operators are skilled in performing various excavation and earthmoving tasks such as trenching, swimming pool excavation or demolition and foundation excavations. Trained operators will also know what to do if a machine breaks down.

Dee Gee’s Bobcats equipment operators also have the proper licence to operate any type of earthmoving equipment. You may be allowed to operate some simpler machines on your own, but there are machines that should only be handled and operated by a licensed professional.


Delegating the earthmoving handling work to professionals can actually save you money than if you were to give the work to an untrained operator. Because the work can be done more efficiently, with minimal mistakes and issues, you need not pay for overtime work, which is very possible if the person operating the equipment is unsure of what should be done.

Earthmoving work requires the operation of heavy equipment such as excavators, tippers and bobcats. Operating these machines requires skills and expertise for the work to be finished smoothly. If you need earthmoving equipment and operators for your construction or renovation project, you can contact the earthmoving experts at