Expert Advice Needed Before Buying Pallet Forks

One of the many challenges facing business operators is the need to control operating costs while still maintaining productivity. The wide range of mechanical equipment now available has created labour saving opportunities for even the smallest operators and the most difficult locations. Their key to success is using the right equipment for the job.

Efficient Lifting Equipment Boosts Productivity

If a large part of your operation involves moving objects from one location to another, but a forklift truck is not suitable for your type of work, pallet forks may be the ideal equipment for the purpose. They are available in different sizes, so are suitable for working in both small and large spaces. Pallet forks offer a safe and productive alternative for moving heavy items when a forklift is not practical.

Dee Gees Bobcats has earth moving equipment and qualified operators available for general hire and for trenching, drainage and excavation work. We also have attachments to our equipment available for hire, including pallet forks, which attach to our bobcats.

Pallet Forks Suitable for Many Lifting Tasks

As their name suggests, pallet forks are ideal for moving pallets containing boxed, bagged or packed material. They are also suitable for landscaping and construction work, and for loading and unloading timber, fencing, bags of cement and other similar materials. On rural properties they are used for lifting and moving bales, handling fertilisers and many other tasks that once were done manually.

Overloading is a Safety Hazard

However, just like any other piece of equipment, they are at their most efficient when the size and composition of the pallet forks matches the type of work and the relevant load capacities. It is important that they are never overloaded, both from a safety point of view as well as also to prevent damage to the load. The carrying capacity, the weight of the load and the length of the tines should all be compatible with each other.

Many Variations Mean Expert Advice is Needed Before Purchasing

Pallet forks differ from each other in various other ways. Technically, they range from being a simple, manual piece of equipment to complex hydraulic items with attachments. Some are manufactured to be attached to a crane, some are height adjustable, with a prong spread either performed manually, automatically or hydraulically.

In fact, there is such variation in the types of pallet forks available that anyone looking to buy one should be getting expert advice from the supplier before placing an order. Cost will also be a consideration, with the simple, manual models being a much cheaper alternative than one with all the bells and whistles.

The pallet forks we hire out are compatible with our particular bobcat models. Rather than go to the expense of purchasing a set that may only get limited use, why not hire our equipment instead?

Different Horses for Different Courses

Sometimes it can be challenging for a lay person to know what sort of machine is needed for what job. This is what we mean by different horses for different courses.

If you are sitting at home thinking that you might like to have that old tree stump removed, or you want to have some paths cut, or you might be putting in a driveway or digging holes to put up a fence you will be wondering – which contractor should I call?

Dee-Gees Bobcats Pty Ltd has put together some information to cut through the confusion and help you choose the right person for the job.


Excavators have a long bucket arm that is attached to the cab and swivels in all directions. The worker is able to operate it from the high position in the cab to shovel dirt and lift heavy machinery and other items. Coming in sizes ranging from 0.8 ton mini excavator all the way through to the huge 35 ton machines, they can run on tyres or treads and also have different attachments such as a grab, hammer, auger, and a ripper.


Looking similar to a tractor a backhoe is a great all round machine for smaller suburban jobs. With its adjustable shovel attachment on one side and a bucket on the other it is able to shift dirt, dig trenches and lay pipes.


Bulldozers are strong, heavy duty machines. They are best used in large open spaces, where the grading may be rough and / or rocky. They can shift huge amounts of dirt with the large front mounted blade.

Skid Steer Loaders

More commonly referred to in Australia as a Bobcat, the skid steer loader is a hardy little versatile machine suitable for all forms of construction, landscaping and agricultural work. Running on either tyres or rubber treads they possess a tight turning circle so are ideal in a smaller site. They also have the ability to change to different attachments such as augers and trenchers.

Motor Graders

Motor graders are the ones you usually see working on roads. Their huge adjustable blade is used to smooth over any rough surface be it level or sloping, to level soil and gravel in preparation to laying of asphalt.


Ranging in size from a walk behind model all the way through to heavier equipment, a trencher does exactly what its name says. It is designed to trench and lay large pipes, using alternating digging functions according to the needs of the job.

Don’t Risk a Serious Incident or Major Damage by Doing It All Alone

To the untrained eye, operating earth moving equipment on a construction site looks effortless. The operator moves a few levers and suddenly large chunks of earth are picked up from one area and deposited to another. The landscape changes in minutes, and in a few hours, the job is done and the site is swarming with other trades.

Moving Earth with Large Machines Requires Experienced Operators

Of course, there is a very good reason why it looks easy. Operating this type of equipment is a skilled occupation requiring experience and, for large machines, licencing and certification by relevant authorities. Many of the tasks undertaken by these operators can be dangerous, and their knowledge of safety rules and techniques keeps everyone on the site safe.

We know that some do-it-yourself landscapers are keen not only to save money on their projects but also to test their skills with some of the less dangerous equipment. We understand that, but people must realise that often, the damage they cause costs them twice as much as if they had hired one of our operators.

A Dee Gees Bobcats operator can have the job done in half the time to a professional standard without any damage or danger to others. We have been called in on occasions to rectify the damage caused by an untrained person trying to do work that is beyond their level of skill.

Unskilled Operators can cause Major Property Damage

For example, excavating too close to a retaining wall can undermine the foundations. Depending on the soil texture, this can cause a section of the wall to collapse as the compacted soil is loosened by the operation of the machinery. This can jeopardise the integrity of the remaining wall, and be costly to repair.

Paving looks easy enough, and with proper preparation and care, a handyman can successfully create a paved path or recreation area suitable for a backyard. However, we have seen top-soil that has been carelessly removed, leaving an uneven area that then has to be smoothed out before work can continue. This resulted in a loss of time on the job, and the extra cost of calling our team in to rectify what for us, would have been a quick and simple task.

Serious Injuries and Equipment Damage a Consequence of Inexperience

On larger projects, the results of untrained people using machines such as bobcats and mini excavators can be much more serious than uneven paving. Overloading the bucket can cause the machine to become unbalanced and tip over, possibly crushing the operator or causing a similar hazard to anyone close by. Failure to keep clear of obstacles or other people on the site could result in substantial property damage or serious injury to others.

Why consider going it alone when you can avoid all these scenarios, and others not mentioned, just by contacting Dee Gees Bobcats? You will get a professional result without the stress.

Small Jobs And Tight Spots

Are you dreaming about installing a swimming pool but think you just don’t have the room needed to access the back yard?

Do you have a tree stump that needs to be removed? Need a trench dug?

Perhaps you are just hoping to get a small retaining wall built but the earth needs to be shaped a little better. Perhaps you want a rock retaining wall built. These are just a few of the jobs that a mini excavator can perform easily and at the right price.

When mini-excavators were first released in Japan in the 70s most people in the industry laughed at them. Obviously they were much smaller and almost toylike compared with their big brothers, but the mini excavator has proved time and again to be a worthwhile machine.

This is due to the fact that they can get into tight spots. A good operator such as Dee-Gees Bobcat Pty Ltd are able to manoeuvre these little beauties into the tightest of spots and take all the hard work out of your hands.

Not only can mini excavators achieve this but they will also save your back. They can do a job that may take a man with a shovel, pick, and crow bar all day, in just a matter of an hour. How does it get any better than that?

Walk Softly on the Earth

Let’s face it, when you decide to employ the services of an earth moving machine you enter in a sort of combat gardening situation.

A larger machine will tear up the earth or turf just by turning its sheer weight. It is then necessary to nurture and coax your turf back to life once you have filled in the ruts. A mini excavator walks more gently on the earth. Obviously, the machine itself is much lighter as it is much smaller. They leave fewer marks and damage as they have rubber tracks.

Small Jobs Small Outlay

The other great thing about employing the services of a mini excavator is that they are cheaper to run, which means they are cheaper to hire. When it comes to estimating how much a small landscaping project may cost the budget can be tweaked more than a little by employing this little workhorse.

It’s a win-win situation. You get a quality job, at a pocket friendly price, in far less time than you can imagine.


Choosing Earthmoving Equipment

In every excavation and debris removal project, it is important that the right machine is hired. Rental of heavy machineries come with a cost, so it is imperative that the right one is selected right from the beginning.

When selecting earthmoving equipment, take note of the different requirements of the work and the challenges that come with the work at hand. Site conditions must also be studied and evaluated. This is a priority as it will narrow down the choices. Cost is another limiting factor when it comes to earthmoving equipment hire. However, it is important to strike a balance between limited budget and picking the right equipment for the job. It is possible to end up with bigger costs if budget is made the primary consideration.

Consider the Load

It is important to know if there will be a load that needs to be moved and if materials will be moved, how far will they have to be transported. If there are materials that need to be transported, then the excavating machine should be equipped with bucket attachments to move materials from one area to another.

Another factor to consider is the distance in transporting excavated materials. Will the materials be discarded or will they be used as backfill for the project. For instance, if pipes are to be installed, then the excavated materials can be used as backfill. In some cases, all the dug soil and rocks will simply be removed from the site. In such situations, trucks are required to carry and remove the loose materials from the site. It may not be smart to use a small machine to transport heavy materials. The project manager needs to be practical when considering the load and distance for transport.

Check the Quality

Low quality machines will surely fit any budget, but in the end this can actually cost the owner more money than planned. The hired machine could break down or may not be able to meet the demands and requirements of the work to be done. When choosing earthmoving equipment, turn to top quality equipment from Dee-Gees Bobcats. The company can provide excavators ranging from 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne capacity.

The company also carries only the best brands, including Bobcat, which is widely known for excellence in quality when it comes to excavators and attachments. Dee-Gees Bobcats machines are ideal for use in various projects such as swimming pool exaction and demolition, drainage, trenching and under-house excavations.


Hiring the Right Earthmoving Machine

Excavation work is usually a significant part of construction or demolition work. There are various types of earthmoving machines that contractors and project managers can hire for specific projects. It is important for the project leader to know exactly what type of machine is suited for the type of task at hand.

Dee Gees Bobcats offers affordable and reliable earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane for different excavation work on construction sites. Choose from the company’s full range of excavating machines and attachments for trenching, drainage, swimming pool excavations or demolition work.

Mini Excavators

The company’s Bobcat mini excavators are built for utmost performance. These mini excavators are designed to pack great strength while remaining light, compared with typical heavy machinery. The compact machines are equipped with high tech hydraulics for smooth operation. They include fingertip controls, auto shift travel and auto idle features.

3T to 6T Excavators

The company offers 3-tonne to 6-tonne excavators designed for excavation work in large areas in construction sites.


The company’s range of equipment includes 6m and 10m tippers essential for hauling debris and other excavated materials. These machines are also useful for transporting materials to the construction site.

Post Hole Borers

Post hole borers are available for hire from Dee Gees Bobcats. These are useful tools for digging post holes for fences. These are particularly needed in digging rocky or stubborn soil types.

Rock Breakers

Excavation work may need the services of rock breakers, which are designed to break down large rocks. Rock breakers make use of a hydraulic hammer to break the rocks into pieces. A rock breaker is the machine to hire when a crusher is not good enough to break large rocks.

Rock Grabs

Rock grabs are needed for removal or large rocks or debris from the site. This is an important attachment that can be attached to an excavator. In some cases, this attachment can work to dig softer soil rocks.

Pallet Forks

A pallet fork can be attached to a machine to make it easier to carry and transport heavy bulky materials, especially those that are palletised. The hydraulic pallet fork is easy to position to lift and carry large materials to another site.

Soil Leveller

To complete an earthmoving task, a soil leveller is sometimes necessary. This equipment is specifically designed to remove the rough edges left from the excavation work and to achieve the right slope or grade for the site.

For more information on the plant hire rates, visit the company’s website at


Why Choose a Bobcat Mini Excavator?

When it comes to excavation work, nothing comes close to the Bobcat name. Bobcat compact excavators have managed to gain the valuable trust of construction companies and project managers alike. The machines’ flexibility and capabilities make them the perfect choice for many development and repair projects.

Dee Gees Bobcats provides convenient bobcat hire ideal for earthmoving and excavation work. Contractors and project managers can choose from different configurations available in the compact excavators. There are several dig depths, arm settings and tail swing configurations to suit the particular needs of an earthmoving project.


Bobcat compact excavators are equipped with a hydrostatic drive system that is unique to the brand. The machine operator will surely appreciate the comfort and the ease of control that the equipment provides. A bobcat performs well in terms of speed and power to allow for quick and smooth operation. Each machine is designed to maximise power for better production and performance.

Bobcats hire in Brisbane are engineered to perform better than other machines when under load. They are designed to maintain a strong arm and bucket forces suited for challenging site conditions. The mini excavators’ performance is enhanced by features such as closed centre valve, piston pump and cushioned cylinders.

The mini excavators provide continuous 360-degree rotation to improve view and repositioning. The machines are capable of offset digging with the help of the independent boom swing. The In-Track Swing Frame in Bobcats allows the machines to rotate more efficiently in small spaces.

The Bobcat machines also provide better flexibility, allowing 180 degrees of movement. This means that a compact excavator can load a truck that is situated behind it.


Another positive attribute of a Bobcat excavator is the versatility it provides the user. With the proper attachment, the Bobcat machine can be transformed into totally new equipment for another specific purpose. The machine can be fitted with the optional Hydraulic X-Change to easily hook up or change an attachment. The X-Change gives the operator more control of the attachment without the need for wrenches and hammers to put on an attachment.

Bobcats hire are a great choice when it comes to excavation work, whether for a small project or a big one. The power, speed, ease of operation as well as the versatility of a Bobcat puts it ahead of the competition. Dee Gees Bobcats offers affordable plant hire perfect for any earthmoving task. Check out the various earthmoving machines and attachments available for hire at


Alternative Uses of a Bobcat

Bobcats are among the most favoured brands when it comes to excavation work. The mini excavators from the company are famous in the construction industry for their excellent digging capabilities. But these compact digging machines have more potential than what they are typically known for.

Compact excavators can be used in different applications with the help of the right attachments. Contractors can take note of the various ways that they can use a Bobcat on the work site. They can also seek advice from Dee-Gees Bobcats, a reliable bobcat hire service that provides excavators and expert machine operators.


The Bobcat can use an auger as an attachment to become effective drilling equipment. With the auger in place, the machine can be used to drill the earth to install posts, footings and foundations. The equipment can also be used to make it easy to replant trees with big roots.

The auger can work in any type of soil, including rocky areas. Drilling and digging are made fast and accurate with this attachment, which stays in place because of a higher torque.

Land Clearing

A rock bucket attachment is the attachment to use to turn a Bobcat into a land clearing machine. The heavy-duty attachment is very good at separating rocks, fallen tree debris and other large and unwanted materials from fine soil to prepare the site for construction purposes.

Land clearing can be made more efficient with the use of a clamp attachment along with a trenching bucket or a three-tine grapple attachment to lift and remove large items such as tree stumps.


Grading is an important task in a landscaping project. This task is intended to level or slope the ground according to the specifications in the design plan. The mini excavator can be used for grading with the help of a grading bucket attachment. The grading bucket can be combined with a swing accessory to make backfilling and levelling more efficient.

Another way of turning the excavator into a grading machine is through the use of a grade blade attachment. The attachment can be used to create slopes or level the ground with its 55-inch blade. The work can be made easier with a swing accessory.


There is a trenching bucket that can be attached to the compact excavator to dig narrow and deep trenches at the site. Any ditch can be shaped with the use of a tilt grading bucket as an attachment.


The Bobcat can be used to break concrete roads and sidewalks, tear down small structures and demolish swimming pools with the use of attachments such as breakers, grapples, buckets and clamps.

To learn more about how to turn the mini excavator into an efficient site preparation machine, consult with experts at Dee-Gees Bobcats.


All the Earthmoving Products You Need

Earthmoving machines are important in any excavation, construction or demolition work. The quality of the equipment you hire needs to be tiptop to guarantee that the work is done right and to avoid any mishaps or accidents. Dee Gees Bobcats offers various types of earthmoving equipment throughout Brisbane.

Available Equipment

The company has a comprehensive set of earthmoving machines for various applications. These machines include mini excavators, which offer maximum performance in compact excavation machines. Compact excavators are lighter machines that can provide smooth operation on the excavation site.

The plant hire company also offers excavators from 3 tonnes to 6 tonnes, Bobcat excavators, which are one of the leaders in the industry, 6m and 10m tippers, post hole borers, rock breakers to break down large rocks in the excavation site, rock grabs, pallet forks and soil levellers. The company’s earthmoving equipment will ensure that all aspects of the earthmoving project are covered.

Plant Hire Essentials

It is important that before you decide on which machine to hire and use, you are clear about the physical characteristics of the site. Are there boulders and rocks in the area? What is the soil type and how difficult will it be to do some digging?

Before deciding on the equipment to rent, conduct a thorough survey of the site first. This is a prerequisite in any construction work so that you will know if there are any pipelines located underneath the ground. Water lines are important to identify beforehand to prevent any unwanted accidents and costly repairs.

Once the ground survey is done, you can determine the type of earthmoving machines you will need. Excavation equipment may also need essential attachments to make the work more efficient. Check Dee Gees Bobcats’ price list earthmoving online to get a better grasp of the budget you will need for the plant hire. The price list indicates the rate per hour and the amount when GST is included for the equipment and the attachments that may be needed. The minimum time for rental of the equipment is three hours, including one hour of travel time to the site.

To make the most of the equipment in a cost-effective way, planning is critical. Schedule the hiring of the equipment when it will be actually needed. That way, there will be no wasted hours that the equipment is not being used. Plan the attachments you will need for the machine to finish the work at hand. This will reduce hiring time as there are fewer mistakes. Find out more about the company’s equipment for hire at


Crush Those Rocks with Ease

Crushing large rocks with ease can be accomplished using rock breakers. A rock breaker is an attachment to heavy machinery used to handle large rocks, including cutting down large rocks into smaller rocks. The machine has two major parts, namely, a hydraulic hammer, which is used to break rocks, and a boom, or the arm. There are two primary types of rock breakers: mobile and stationary. The latter is normally positioned on a pedestal or slew frame.

Features and Benefits

A standard rock breaker automatically varies the speed and power of the blows according to the hardness of the rock being crushed, thanks to a special intelligent hydraulic system. This feature optimises the hydraulic pressure released by the machine, resulting in higher productivity and improved overall performance.

The dual shock-absorption system featured in rock breakers considerably minimises the vibrations delivered to the excavator. The excavator boom also experiences lower stress levels because the breakers are lightweight.

Thanks to the centralised greasing system, the sliding components remain lubricated even when the breaking is working horizontally. This feature significantly lessens wear and tear on parts and, therefore, prolongs the life of the breaker.

A typical breaker also delivers a quiet operation because the interior of its body features sound-absorbent material and an anti-rumble paint. This feature, combined with a few alterations to the bushing, significantly lowers noise emission levels.

The breakers also have fewer parts, allowing for a simple and efficient design as well as a slimline case design. The slim, well-proportioned structure allows operators to work in relative ease even under the toughest conditions.

Bobcat Rock Breakers

Rock breakers from Dee Gees Bobcats come as an attachment to the company’s excavator-Bobcat Combo package. Its rock breakers have been proven to perform reliable earthmoving jobs. Bobcat hydraulic breakers provide a hard-hitting performance and they can easily be attached to a loader or excavator. The machines practically require no maintenance and release low noise and vibration levels. Visit for more information on rock breakers.

Dee Gees Bobcats has been supplying earthmoving equipment in the Brisbane area for many years. The company’s extensive range of equipment includes mini excavators, 6-metre and 10-metre tippers, excavators ranging from 1.5 ton to 6 ton, plus a range of attachments including post hole borers, augers, rock breakers, rock grabs, pallet forks and brooms.

The company’s heavy machinery operators are experienced in carrying out a range of duties including drainage excavation, trenching, swimming pool excavations, swimming pool demolitions, under house excavations, amongst other tasks.