Gearing Up For Christmas

Well the cat is out of the bag. Christmas is fast approaching and you want your backyard to be looking spick and span and looking fantastic in time for the celebrations. This is not a job to be rushed, however. Proper procedure must be considered.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many restrictions placed on the way an operator must conduct excavation? Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) have tightened up their act considerably and we can tell you why. It’s simple really. Over the years there have been a few cowboys who thought they could turn a quick buck by running a small or heavy machinery business.

Sure it’s true, accidents can happen to good operators but the real truth is that accidents happen when unaware operators climb into the seat of a bobcat, front end loader, or excavator. Inexperience can cater for a few incidents; we all may learn in a controlled environment and pass the test to get our ticket but the real experience starts on the job.

Monotony can be your worst enemy in this industry so it is incredibly important to maintain attention to detail. Horseplay or a casual approach to an “easy” job can mean the difference between going home and going to the hospital – if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you get a one-way trip to the morgue.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) – Looking After Us

We all might rile at some time or another about a “ridiculous” WHS requirement but the fact is that the rules have been put in place to ensure appropriate procedure is adhered to.

The only reason WHS was created at all was because someone had the foresight to make a record of what sort of accident happened when, the extent of injury including death, and how many times it happened. Based on this data, a set of procedures were required to be created to keep us all safe.

Preliminary Inspection a Must

To this end, Dee-Gees Bobcats Pty Ltd will always make a thorough investigation of a worksite before conducting any work.

Our skilled operators are able to conduct a thorough due diligence of any job, be it big or small, in an appropriate manner with minimal time. This is because we train our staff carefully and offer updates and refreshers on a regular basis. This is because we value our staff and want to send them home safe and sound every night.

Why Investing in Earthmoving Service Pays Off

In every construction or renovation project, one of the big concerns is the budget. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small project, the project manager will always keep the budget in check, looking for ways to save and doing away with things that are not necessary.

Despite the budget consideration, there are things in the construction or renovation work that should not simply be disregarded. Quality materials and services should not be compromised in favour of cheaper alternatives that will not last long and might even get you in trouble. Hiring earthmoving services is one aspect of construction work where the investment is definitely worth it.

Realising Real Savings

Some people think that earthmoving plant hire is something where major costs can be cut. If you are, for instance, digging the ground to make a swimming pool in the backyard, you might get ingenious and think of hiring the equipment only and operating it by yourself. This idea could backfire in many ways. If the work is not done properly, you will then need to hire a real professional to operate the machine. When that happens, the costs for excavation could double or go up dramatically if there some damages that resulted from the previous work.

Quality Work is Priority

In any construction or renovation project, always keep in mind that quality is the goal. You would not want to invest in some less expensive project that will need to be repaired in a few months because the initial work was messy. There are more gains to investing just a bit more for items such as earthmoving services than if you were to cut costs in this very essential project requirement.

Hiring a professional earthmoving service will ensure that the excavation, demolition and other earthmoving job is done correctly and in a timely manner. Compared with a professional machine operator, an amateur might delay the project a great deal, and you will not also be so sure about the quality of the outcome. If you want top quality results, you have to hire people who know what they are doing.

Consider Safety and Insurance

Construction work is often associated with safety and insurance. You can never tell when an accident might happen. This can be a huge additional cost to you if you insist on hiring non-professionals to operate an earthmoving machine. Hiring an established company with plant hire and operators that go with them will protect you from any extra costs related to work safety. These companies are usually fully insured to take care of injuries and other safety-related issues on the work site.

Do you need a real professional for your excavation, demolition or earthmoving project?