Getting the Perfect Lawn after Major Construction

There is nothing more exciting than building your new home or creating that worthwhile extension or addition to your existing home.

Once you have completed the building part of the project it’s time to paint and decorate the inside with nice floor coverings, add some window treatments and start arranging your decorative items and furniture.

But what of the outside?

In the trade we call what happens to the outside of your home during construction phase ‘combat gardening’. This is because after you have finished with the building part there is always a pretty good mess to get straight outside.

Materials and machinery can create large ruts and leave piles of dirt and soil behind. Sure, you can do the back breaking levelling yourself. It really is no trouble provided you are strong, healthy and have the time to get outside and indulge your love of getting outdoors for a bit of hard work.

This is not always the case. Time may be in short supply if you are still rushing off to work and organising the children. In addition, not all of us want to work in the hot sun spreading and levelling the earth.

Not to mention that if you don’t have the right tools, the levelling can be a real challenge. This is especially if your property has a slope to it. It is important to create the right fall to ensure that water does not flow onto your patio and in through your doorways!

This becomes more challenging if you are living on a small or medium sized acreage. The size of the task can seem quite imposing.

So, what is the solution?

Here at Dee-Gees Bobcats Pty Ltd, the staff and crew are well equipped to have your backyard looking like palatial grounds in hours rather than the days it may take you if you do it by hand. And, with a lot more accuracy to boot.

With our trusty bobcat we can have your property levelled and properly channelling storm water away from your home in a very short period of time. Not only that, but after your property has been levelled you will want to spread the correct mixture of top soil to get your lawn growing in super-fast time.

We can help with that too! Give us a call and relax in the shade while we get your property into tip-top shape for summer.

Levelling the Lawn Area

The garden area of the house may need some grading or levelling solutions before it can be turned into a pleasant and useful lawn area. The lawn area can be used for social gatherings, especially if there is enough space to accommodate seats or a gazebo. If the area happens to be ruggedly sloping, then some levelling will have to be done for the area to be people friendly. It is also possible that the area is too flat, so to make it interesting, it is best to do a bit of cuts and fills to give the area a bit more character.

Something could go wrong if the sloping open area is levelled without much thought into how it should be treated. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly level or grade the lawn area.

Devise a Clear Plan

Before any excavation is done in the area, it is best for the homeowner to think of a clear plan as to how the lawn should look. There may be a need to build a retaining wall to keep the higher level soil from eroding. If the area is very steep, several retaining walls would be ideal. Building these structures require strong foundation so that they do not give in to water pressure during strong rain.

DIY Levelling

Before any retaining walls or structures are built on the area, it must first be excavated where needed. Some levelling projects will simply need a few hours of digging and clearing of rocks or gravel to make way for the grass.

To move soil and rocks from one area to another, use a shovel and a wheelbarrow to carry the debris. After moving soil, rocks and debris to cut and fill the garden area, use a rake with a steel head to level the ground efficiently. To make the grading work easier, it would be good to sprinkle the soil with water first. Moist soil will be easier to level and will loosen any dried up and compacted soil and rocks.

Hire the Right Earthmoving Machine

In some cases, it is best to get the help of a reliable bobcat hire. Dee-Gees Bobcats has a complete array of earthmoving equipment that will surely be suited for any levelling project. Dee-Gees Bobcats can rent out mini excavators, tippers and soil leveller. The plant hire company also rents out rock breakers and attachments for the Bobcat equipment to make it appropriate for a particular project.