Choosing Earthmoving Equipment

In every excavation and debris removal project, it is important that the right machine is hired. Rental of heavy machineries come with a cost, so it is imperative that the right one is selected right from the beginning.

When selecting earthmoving equipment, take note of the different requirements of the work and the challenges that come with the work at hand. Site conditions must also be studied and evaluated. This is a priority as it will narrow down the choices. Cost is another limiting factor when it comes to earthmoving equipment hire. However, it is important to strike a balance between limited budget and picking the right equipment for the job. It is possible to end up with bigger costs if budget is made the primary consideration.

Consider the Load

It is important to know if there will be a load that needs to be moved and if materials will be moved, how far will they have to be transported. If there are materials that need to be transported, then the excavating machine should be equipped with bucket attachments to move materials from one area to another.

Another factor to consider is the distance in transporting excavated materials. Will the materials be discarded or will they be used as backfill for the project. For instance, if pipes are to be installed, then the excavated materials can be used as backfill. In some cases, all the dug soil and rocks will simply be removed from the site. In such situations, trucks are required to carry and remove the loose materials from the site. It may not be smart to use a small machine to transport heavy materials. The project manager needs to be practical when considering the load and distance for transport.

Check the Quality

Low quality machines will surely fit any budget, but in the end this can actually cost the owner more money than planned. The hired machine could break down or may not be able to meet the demands and requirements of the work to be done. When choosing earthmoving equipment, turn to top quality equipment from Dee-Gees Bobcats. The company can provide excavators ranging from 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne capacity.

The company also carries only the best brands, including Bobcat, which is widely known for excellence in quality when it comes to excavators and attachments. Dee-Gees Bobcats machines are ideal for use in various projects such as swimming pool exaction and demolition, drainage, trenching and under-house excavations.