Digging a Trench; it can’t be that hard, can it?

Many construction projects involve trenching; this is the process of digging a long, narrow excavation, usually as footings for a structure or to conceal cables or pipes. Popular television programs encourage home owners to attempt sophisticated do-it-yourself projects, and many of the outdoor projects involve digging trenches. As anyone who has done this manually will tell you, it is not as easy as it looks.

Keeping Dimensions Accurate and Problem Soil

To serve its purpose, any completed trench must have accurate dimensions, and it must be straight; this is something that gets more difficult as the trench gets longer. This accuracy demands taking regular measurements of depth and width, and digging straight along a string line. Different types of soils can be challenging with light soils more likely to collapse into the trench, and sticky clay soils, while more stable, are just plain hard work.

Short, Shallow and Simple may be OK

We are not trying to discourage anyone from taking on a trenching project if they have some knowledge and basic skills. If the trench is shallow and short, such as a simple drainage trench to redirect rain water, it may only take a couple of hours to complete. In that case, there may be no need to call in an earth moving company like ours.

Bringing in the Experts

However, if it serves a vital function, is deep enough to be a burying hazard in a collapse or it will be part of a building support, Dee Gees Bobcats will make sure your trench is built to all the required standards. Our machinery and our experienced operators will have the trenching finished quickly with a minimum of disruption, as well as following workplace health and safety laws.

What Happens If Your DIY Trenching Project Drags On?

During our work around the suburbs, we have seen DIY trenching projects where work has been suspended for some time. The trenches have been left open without any protective barriers surrounding them, and tools left on the ground or shoved into piles of dirt.

No doubt, the homeowners think that because these are on private property, safety precautions are unnecessary. Unfortunately, there have been cases where householders or their visitors have been injured when inspecting the work done. Family pets and especially young children are also vulnerable to injury in these circumstances.

Professionals Deliver Safety and Quality

A professional trenching company would not leave unfinished work in this state. If the project is big enough to span days or even weeks, all safety precautions are taken to protect not only the workers, but also members of the public as required by law. Saving money on a small, backyard job is fine, but for a safe, professional result on bigger projects, hire an expert.