Don’t Be Fooled When Choosing Excavation Equipment

If you were to ask an open-cut mine operator, a construction site supervisor and a tunnelling engineer what they thought were the top five pieces of excavation equipment, you would most likely get a different answer from each one of them. The mine operator wants equipment to excavate ore and get it to the surface quickly. The construction site supervisor wants equipment large enough to remove topsoil but small enough to manoeuvre around other site works. The tunnelling engineer wants boring equipment that can drill through rock and remove waste material efficiently.

Picking a Winner is Not So Simple

Choosing winners in this type of competition would only deliver a fair result if there were various categories of excavation equipment, for example, tonnage, weight limits, capacity or purpose to name just a few. For general purpose work, however, the consensus is that excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, skid steer loaders and graders are the most useful. They are also most likely to be seen by the average person and are therefore the most familiar.

The Work Defines the Equipment

It all depends on the type of work being done. Large construction companies with multi-million-dollar contracts to build infrastructure and other major projects will have access to much larger and heavier equipment than a small sub-contractor. We fall into the latter category. Our company, Dee Gees Bobcats, provides an earthmoving equipment hire service to clients throughout south east Queensland.

With over twenty years’ experience working in the plant hire industry and a team of skilled and experienced operators, we have worked on both large and small projects. We specialise in drainage and trenching, swimming pool excavations and demolitions, and under house excavations. We agree with the experts that the type of excavation equipment already mentioned is best suited for the work that makes up most of our business.

The Biggest is Not Always Best

In our case, our smallest excavator-bobcat combo starts at 1.5 tonne, and with twelve different combinations available, our maximum capacity is our 8-tonne excavator. Among the available attachments that make up our combos are augers, rock breakers and grabbers, slasher attachments and pallet forks.

The Right Excavator for the Job

While none of these on their own could be considered a prime piece of excavation equipment, when used in conjunction with the appropriate excavator-bobcat, they can perform all the tasks we need to satisfy our clients. We could have the biggest excavator in the country, but if the job is too small to accommodate it, then it is superfluous to our needs.

The best piece of excavator equipment is the one that gets the job done quickly, efficiently and within the time frame required.