Don’t Let A Lack Of Skills Stop You – Learn Landscaping On The Job

Have you just bought an older home with an established garden needing a make-over? Do you have a new home in Australia that needs landscaping from scratch? Either way, you have the perfect opportunity to be creative and build something extraordinary. Doing it yourself is a challenge, but as the saying goes, “satisfaction is its own reward”.

Acquire a Few Basic Techniques Before Starting

Having a few basic techniques up your sleeve before you start is an excellent way to build confidence. The first one is obvious to us, but many people start a landscaping project without this, then find themselves in trouble. We are talking about a plan, which only needs to be a sketch with some basic measurements.

Have a Plan with a Timeframe

Typically, a landscaping plan will contain a fence, a pathway, garden beds, grassed areas, possibly a water feature, and even an outdoor deck overlooking the yard where the family can relax. The other essential thing the plan should contain is a timeframe. Putting a deadline on the project provides a goal to work towards. Without it, there will always be something else getting in the way of completion.

We should also point out here that, doing it yourself does not mean that you must do everything manually. Every landscaping and outdoor building project will have tasks like digging post holes, carving out a path, excavating for a pond or removing rocks, to name a few. We do this type of work all the time, so hiring equipment from us at Dee Gees Bobcats is a great way to accelerate the work.

Hire Machines and Operators to do the Hard Work

We also have trained and experienced people available to operate our machines. Hiring a skilled operator to dig a row of post holes for a fence, for example, allows you to get on with the actual construction. Small jobs like these are not as expensive as you would think and create opportunities for an afternoon working bee with a few mates, followed by a barbeque and drinks.

Learn New Techniques and Skills

Paved areas and paths are a part of contemporary landscaping, so knowing in advance how to prepare the surface and lay pavers to a reasonable standard is another technique that is useful for the do-it-yourself landscaper. The internet is the best source of information, often with videos showing how it’s done. Watch out also for community groups and hardware chains that run inexpensive courses.

One Project at a Time

Other tasks such as making garden beds, constructing decking and building retaining walls require other techniques and skills that can be acquired the same way. Also, friends, family and work colleagues are great resources. Tackle each project one at a time and you will gradually acquire all the skills you need to complete your amazing landscaping and outdoor building project.