Ensuring Safe Operation of Earthmoving Equipment

Because of the usual nature of the work, earthmoving machines are often associated with safety risks, accidents and even deaths. An earthmoving machine can potentially tip over or the operator could fall to the ground. If due diligence is not performed, the machine could go rolling on unstable ground and endanger the life of the operator. There are many cases where mistakes happen in the operation of such heavy equipment. Reasons for such disasters are diverse, but they can be prevented well in advance with proper precaution and preparedness.

Because of the danger and risks involved in the use of excavators and other earthmoving machines, strict guidelines are put in place to protect workers on site. Responsibility falls on the project manager and employer to ensure that workers stay safe while using earthmoving equipment.

Get Fully Trained Operator

Many of the accidents involving earthmoving equipment are due to errors made by the operator. Operation of earthmoving machines must always be taken seriously and not delegated to someone who is not fully trained in the aspects of precautions, proper control, manoeuvring, inspection, maintenance and the limitations of the machine being used.

It is the responsibility of the project manager and employer to see to it that machine operators have undergone sufficient training and experience to handle earthmoving equipment on site. A good way to ensure that machine operation goes smoothly is to have the machine rental company to provide an operator for the machine.

Dee-Gees Bobcats knows the importance of safe operation of earthmoving equipment. That is why the company provides excavators for rent along with fully trained and highly experienced operators. The company’s operators can complete various projects ranging from trenching, pool excavations, swimming pool demolition, drainage, under house excavations and general hire.

Equipment Quality a Must

The Bobcat and earthmoving equipment hire company also sees the importance of equipment quality in keeping workers safe in the workplace, so they can be trusted to provide safe earthmoving equipment hire every time. Some of the reasons for unwanted accidents and deaths in using earthmoving equipment are related to a malfunction of the machine. Surely, the operator can be blamed for not inspecting the machine beforehand, but the maintenance personnel also takes responsibility.

Dee-Gees Bobcats makes sure that its fleet of Bobcats and earthmovers are well maintained and in proper condition to do specific and varied excavation tasks. The company supplies machines ranging from a 1.5 ton combo up to 6 ton combo as well as attachments such as rock grabs, rock breakers, augers and pallet forks.