Heavy Equipment for Earthmoving

There are different types of earthmoving equipment, including cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, tractors, excavators and rotary tillers. These types of heavy-duty equipment are designed for specific tasks in agriculture and farming, construction, and drilling and mining, as well as civil engineering and forestry.

Dee Gees Bobcats provides a range of earthmoving equipment, ranging from 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne excavators to mini Bobcats. The company has more than two decades of experience in supplying earthmoving equipment. With locations in Ipswich and Oxley, the company can serve customers in the wider Brisbane area. All types of earthmoving equipment are handled by highly trained and professional operators.

List of Earthmoving Equipment

Dee Gees Bobcats has a complete range of equipment. These are mini excavators; 3 tonne to 6 tonne excavators; bobcats; and 6-metre to 1-metre tippers. The equipment comes with different attachments, including a post hole borer, augers, a rock breaker, rock grabs, pallet forks and brooms, and soil levellers.

These heavy-duty vehicles are necessary in carrying out earthmoving and other construction jobs as they significantly reduce the period of time it takes to complete these jobs. Each type of equipment is designed to accomplish a particular task.

For example, an excavator features a long bucket arm that is attached to a pivoting cab, where the operator sits. The primary use of an excavator is for digging large amounts of dirt swiftly. But it can also be used for heavy lifting and large pipe placement.

Another common type of heavy equipment is the tipper, or a dump truck. An industrial dump truck is used for transporting large amounts of earth, or transporting materials such as gravel and sand to the construction site. The earth and other materials are deposited on the truck bed, which rises at the end on hydraulic pistons to allow the contents of the bed to slide off to the ground.

List of Services

The company’s highly experienced operators are available to carry out virtually all kinds of small and major jobs, including general hire for earthmoving projects, trenching, swimming pool excavation, drainage excavation, swimming pool demolition and under-house excavations.

Why Hire an Earthmoving Company

You will need the services of the best earthmoving company to perform construction or renovation projects, whether big or small. A professional earthmover has the training and experience to do the job properly with the right equipment and in a timely manner. Earthmoving companies also carry insurance, so the client is saved from any liability in the event of an accident in the work site. Ultimately, hiring a professional earthmoving company is worth the cost, knowing that the job will be completed professionally and to your satisfaction.