Heavy Machinery + Inexperience = Danger

There are many things a good handyman can do for himself around the house. Being able to change your tap washers, clean out your gutters, paint a wall, and trim small tree limbs are all very well, provided you know what you are doing.

There is no doubt that undertaking some of these tasks will save you money. For other tasks, it is important to weigh the risk against your skills. Operating heavy machinery looks like child’s play when you watch a child play with his or her Tonka truck in the sandpit.

Certainly, good operators with skill and experience such as the crew at Dee Gees Bobcats possess make it look simple and easy. If you do a search on YouTube you are even likely to find operators of such finesse they can make their machines “dance”; but we digress.

The truth is though that each and every one of our operators has undergone formal training and achieved a level of skill that allows for them to hold the appropriate “tickets” or licences to safely and successfully operate our range of heavy machinery.

Complete and Thorough Assessment

Whilst there are the normal procedures for clearing trees, building roads and digging holes each job is different and will bring its own set of issues with it. When we come to have a look at a site we want to get an idea of what is actually required, what obstacles may be present such as trees, fences, retaining walls and buildings, as well as how we can overcome them.

This will give us information as to which size machine will best suit the job, what tools may be required to assist, what precautions should be taken and roughly how long a job could take.

Frees You Up To Do What You Do Best

They say you should always employ a field specialist to carry out quality work.

There are many reasons for this. We make hard work look easy and can do it in a lot less time with no damage and a lot less cleaning up. Not only that but we are covered with Workplace Health and Safety compliance. This frees your time up to pursue your own work or personal interests.

It makes sense for you to concentrate on what you do – or more importantly want to do – best. If you don’t know, then employ someone who does.