Hiring Heavy Equipment Helps Amateurs Finish Their Projects

Some people start major landscaping, fencing or other earth moving projects only to find that the amount of manual labour involved far exceeds their expectations. Typical projects could be to revamp their own residences, or they may be investors who buy rundown properties for resale at a profit. To maximise the profit, they do as much of the labour themselves as they can.

Saving Money and Personal Satisfaction – Good Reasons to DIY

Some tasks, such as plumbing or electrical work, should only be done by tradespeople. However, those with handyman skills can lay pavers, put up fences, build gardens and erect a shed, a carport or dozens of other tasks. They do this to save money and for the personal satisfaction they get when the project is completed.

However, there is a better way to have the best of both worlds and it involves Dee Gees Bobcats. We hire out bobcat and earth moving equipment for both large and small projects in Brisbane. Our experienced operators work with care and precision, taking hours off the time it would take a handyman to do the same work.

Hiring Heavy Equipment Cuts the Project Down to Size

In fact, this is the biggest advantage that hiring heavy equipment has over doing some tasks manually. If the job involved digging just one or two postholes, it most likely would be quicker to do it by hand than to arrange hiring a post hole digger from us. If it was for an entire fence, the digger would be moving to the next hole while the fence posts were being installed behind it.

Opportunity Cost – Time Wasted is Time Lost

While there is a cost associated with hiring equipment, the time and effort saved is worth the expenditure. This is called an opportunity cost because the time saved can be used to complete other work which, without the equipment, would have to wait. The saved time creates the opportunity for further work to take place, and projects are completed earlier than planned.

Many Hands (and Equipment) Make Light Work

People who restore rundown properties for a living know this already and often contact us to hire specialist equipment. They want these properties prepared for resale quickly so they can sell them and move onto the next project. While they still do other tasks themselves, anything that can be done quickly with our Brisbane earth moving equipment is welcome.

Clean up that Construction Site Fast!

We all know people who start a home renovation project, and want to do it all themselves. With work and other family commitments, tasks are continually interrupted and the project drags on and on. Parts of the property look great and other parts look like a construction site.

Hiring earthmoving equipment in Brisbane for heavy tasks gets everything done quickly, so think about us the next time you have a personal project.