Running a successful business is always challenging, never more so than now. Higher operating expenses are reducing profits and increased competition requires spending on advertising to grab market share. The hire industry is not immune from these factors. The customer could be a householder hiring general items such as electronic devices or a business hiring earthmoving equipment, but the principles of quality customer service still apply.

Need to Choose a Machine Equipment Hire Company?

Take, for example, a company that has secured a contract to landscape a new residential complex including constructing a pool and surrounds, driveways, walkways, fencing and outdoor areas. To keep their capital spending under control, they have opted to hire the equipment they need for this work, instead of buying it.

Know What to Look For

If you are the project manager, getting the right equipment hire company will be essential to getting the work done on time, to budget and to the quality standards required. Do you choose the company offering the lowest price, the start-up with shiny, new machinery, or do you look for an experienced company with a long-term record of satisfied customers?

Dee Gees Bobcats is an equipment hire company with a solid reputation built on a long-term history of completed projects and satisfied customers. Much of our work is repeat business for regular clients who know they can rely on us to complete our part of their projects without fuss. While we advertise, we also attract many new clients through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations.

A Cheap Price Could Equal a Substandard Job

If you need to hire bobcat and earthmoving equipment, we have a few suggestions that may help you choose the right operator for your project. First, we would caution you not to choose based on price alone. Of course, you need to make a profit, but selecting your hire company just because they offered the cheapest quote could compromise the quality of the finished job.

Look for a Company with Competent, Experienced Machine Operators

Next, take some time to match your hire needs with several hirers in the market place. If you only need basic equipment for a short period of time, it is likely you will be dealing with smaller companies with lower overheads. Also, ask about the level of experience and qualifications of their machine operators. A competent operator will do a quality job in the shortest possible time.

Check for Regular Machine Maintenance – Break Downs Come at a Cost

Finally, query the hirers about the frequency and quality of their maintenance. Do they have a regular maintenance schedule that keeps their machinery in top working order? A broken-down machine will delay your job and cost you money, so this should be an important factor in your choice. By following these suggestions, you should have a trouble-free project.