Hiring the Right Earthmoving Machine

Excavation work is usually a significant part of construction or demolition work. There are various types of earthmoving machines that contractors and project managers can hire for specific projects. It is important for the project leader to know exactly what type of machine is suited for the type of task at hand.

Dee Gees Bobcats offers affordable and reliable earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane for different excavation work on construction sites. Choose from the company’s full range of excavating machines and attachments for trenching, drainage, swimming pool excavations or demolition work.

Mini Excavators

The company’s Bobcat mini excavators are built for utmost performance. These mini excavators are designed to pack great strength while remaining light, compared with typical heavy machinery. The compact machines are equipped with high tech hydraulics for smooth operation. They include fingertip controls, auto shift travel and auto idle features.

3T to 6T Excavators

The company offers 3-tonne to 6-tonne excavators designed for excavation work in large areas in construction sites.


The company’s range of equipment includes 6m and 10m tippers essential for hauling debris and other excavated materials. These machines are also useful for transporting materials to the construction site.

Post Hole Borers

Post hole borers are available for hire from Dee Gees Bobcats. These are useful tools for digging post holes for fences. These are particularly needed in digging rocky or stubborn soil types.

Rock Breakers

Excavation work may need the services of rock breakers, which are designed to break down large rocks. Rock breakers make use of a hydraulic hammer to break the rocks into pieces. A rock breaker is the machine to hire when a crusher is not good enough to break large rocks.

Rock Grabs

Rock grabs are needed for removal or large rocks or debris from the site. This is an important attachment that can be attached to an excavator. In some cases, this attachment can work to dig softer soil rocks.

Pallet Forks

A pallet fork can be attached to a machine to make it easier to carry and transport heavy bulky materials, especially those that are palletised. The hydraulic pallet fork is easy to position to lift and carry large materials to another site.

Soil Leveller

To complete an earthmoving task, a soil leveller is sometimes necessary. This equipment is specifically designed to remove the rough edges left from the excavation work and to achieve the right slope or grade for the site.

For more information on the plant hire rates, visit the company’s website at http://deegeesbobcats.com.au/.