How Heavy Equipment Helps to Change the World

It would be impossible these days for large, earth moving projects to move forward as quickly as they do without the modern, specialist equipment we have at our disposal. The mining industry is the place to see big machines, both in the extraction of iron ore in Western Australia and the coalfields of Central Queensland. Drag lines, huge haul trucks, massive hydraulic shovels and others, just keep getting bigger with each new model.

Heavy Equipment Around the World

All around the world, these and other amazing earthmoving equipment hire are moving soil, digging for minerals, building roads, constructing bridges and making it possible for our buildings to reach high into the sky. Take, for example, the Komatsu Super Dozer which can move 100 cubic metres of material in a single pass, or the Herrenknecht tunnel borer that has excavated some of the largest tunnels in the world.

A New Project that Needed Very Large Equipment

Australia has been at the forefront of developing some of these extraordinary machines, and it all started in 1949 when the first sod was turned on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. At the time, it was the largest and most complex project in the world, requiring new engineering methods, thousands of workers and new ways to get heavy equipment through the mountains.

The Scheme consists of sixteen major dams, seven power stations (two of them underground), a pumping station and 225 kilometres of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts. It covers a mountainous area of 5,124 square kilometres, and only 2% of it is above ground. Its purpose was to divert the waters of the Snowy River, which emptied into the sea, back through the mountains to irrigate the inland, at the same time generating hydro-electric power.

No Computer Assistance for Operators in the 1950s

Two Thornycroft ANTAR prime movers, state of the art in their day, with a trailer in-between, hauled every other piece of heavy equipment up the mountains. All the machines involved were huge for their time, heavy and hard to handle without any of the computer assistance of today’s equipment. It was the expert guidance of the skilled operators who made sure these machines worked just as precisely.

Much Smaller but Just as Effective

In our business, we haven’t worked on anything of this scale, but we still need some pretty serious equipment to complete the projects our clients want. Swimming pool excavation and demolition, drainage works, trenching, under-house excavations and other similar work needs excavators, bobcats, augers, rock breakers and other attachments to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Dee Gees Bobcats also offers labour and machinery hire for clients who need to fill a short-term need. Our fleet of large trucks gets our equipment from one job to another and while they are nowhere near the scale of the biggest and best, they are perfect for our purpose, just like the rest of the earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane we have talked about.