Keep Industrial Yards Tidy to Eliminate Safety Hazards

It has been proven many times through statistics gathered during workplace accident investigations, that poor housekeeping is one of the major causes of serious injury in an industrial environment. While these accidents and incidents are reducing in frequency and severity with better employee education and monitoring, unfortunately they still occur. Keeping work areas tidy seems like an unnecessary chore to some workers and managements, but a tidy workplace is much safer than one that resembles a bomb site.

Untidy Industrial Yards a Safety Hazard

Much attention has been placed on safety issues in the interior of factories, storage facilities, engineering workshops and other industrial facilities. However, the outside of these facilities and other workplaces such as landscaping suppliers and construction sites often look unkempt. The risk of a workplace injury or damage to equipment in these situations is high.

Cleaning up these areas and keeping them maintained is not difficult and can save the companies involved a lot of money in lost time, WorkCover and equipment damage. They don’t even need to take their own operators and equipment off line, when they can hire both from us here at Dee Gees Bobcats.

Yard Clean-ups Quick and Easy with Hire Equipment

Our range of equipment includes bobcats, tippers, rock grabs and breakers, and soil levellers. You may not need all of these machines for your industrial yard clean-up. Often all that is required is a bobcat to clean up and a tipper to take away the unwanted material. Our operators are fully licenced and experienced with this type of work.

Good housekeeping reduces the risk of what is termed in the OHS industry, “slips, trip and falls”. The types of injuries that could occur in an untidy industrial yard are puncture wounds from falling onto rusty nails, leg or arm gashes from brushing against sharp objects or worse still, head injuries from falling into old equipment hidden in long grass. It is amazing what we uncover in long grass when we are asked to tidy up an industrial yard.

Rubbish-Strewn Yards and Flammable Material are a Fire Risk

The other hazard that is often not considered in these situations is that of fire. When a fire starts in an industrial yard through a lightning strike, a careless cigarette or just through the combustion effect of rubbish and extreme hot weather, it can have catastrophic consequences. It could result in the loss of the entire complex if the fire is close to workshop areas where oil, diesel, chemicals and other flammable material is stored.

We have found that a clean, tidy and safe environment is a productive one. Once our Dee Gees Bob Cats team have worked their magic, not only does the work site look professional but the employees want to keep it that way.