Make an Environmental Statement With Your New Pool

A backyard swimming pool is part of the Australian lifestyle, and with our summers getting longer and hotter, our love of a convenient cool-off right outside our back door is not going to wane any time soon. However, we have also become conscious of the negative environmental impact many of our favourite pursuits have had in past years, and many pool owners are now looking for alternatives.

Eco-friendly Methods Popular with Pool Owners

Pool builders report that customers are expressing interest in techniques to preserve the environment at the start of the planning process for their pools. They want eco-friendly methods included in the pool build, rather than trying to adapt something to suit later.

This is no surprise to us as we are already working on pool-building projects, even though summer is still a few weeks away. At Dee Gees Bobcats, we do the excavations and any associated drainage trenching that may be involved. Because we are on site right at the start of a pool build, we see the different approaches to creating an eco-friendly pool and surrounding environment.

Salt Water Pools Use Fewer Chemicals

While some people prefer chlorinated pools, many clients are opting for salt water as an alternative, to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean. There is no chlorine odour as the process used creates natural chlorine, which is dispersed into the water evenly and consistently. This keeps the water from getting cloudy and prevents the development of algae.

Fresh Water Sanitising System Uses Natural Minerals

Another alternative is a fresh water sanitising system that utilises natural minerals and oxygen, and requires no additional chlorine or other chemicals. It has a similar taste to drinking water, and swimmers find it does not irritate the skin or eyes. Pool equipment and swimwear last longer, and because it requires less maintenance than other systems, running costs are considerably reduced.

Pool Water Safe to Use in the Garden

While these attributes all benefit the environment in some way, another plus for this system is that it can be back-washed into the garden without needing to be diluted. As there are no harmful chemicals present in the water, the pool owner can use this water to maintain an eco-friendly garden that is kind to birds, lizards, frogs, possums and other wildlife.

Specialist Plantings around Pool

We have also noticed that pool owners are creating eco-friendly gardens around the pool perimeter. By using specialist plantings of trees and shrubs that use little water and benefit each other via natural pest control, there is no need for fertilisers and pesticides that eventually wash into the water catchment.

Every pool owner who opts for an eco-friendly pool in their backyard is saving money on running costs and also protecting our precious environment.