Modern Landscaping Features Add Style And Value

Real estate agents agree that regardless of a residential property’s design or construction features, the presentation of its surrounds is just as important as the building itself. When done well, this presentation adds thousands of dollars to the market value. So important is this impact that landscaping is now an industry on its own, with new features, designs and materials coming onto the market every year.

Smaller Block Sizes Require Special Landscaping Techniques

Modern landscaping has moved beyond a standard fencing, a driveway, some garden beds and a lawn. Suburban blocks are diminishing in size, so the trend now is minimalist, with the emphasis on accessories rather than large plantings. Home owners want a property that requires little maintenance, so landscaping trends are meeting that demand.

This is great news for companies like ours. Much of this type of work requires the assistance of earth moving equipment, and Dee Gees Bobcats has a comprehensive range of excavators, bobcats, tippers, post hole borers, rock breakers and soil levellers ready for hire. The placement of large pavers, rocks, boulders and timber is easy with the right equipment and we can dig an ornamental pond in minutes.

Water Features are Always Popular

Water features are a popular choice and look great in the right setting. A fish pond surrounded by ferns with a small fountain in the centre draws the eye, and a few lilies or other water plants on the surface adds colour when they flower. In a very small space, a waterfall gently cascading down a garden wall invokes a relaxed response and cools the immediate area.

Retaining Walls Just the Place for Extra Style Treatment

We do a lot of the preparation work for retaining walls, as many of the house sites in new estates these days are terraced. Once completed, these rock walls lend themselves to additional landscaping touches such as vertical gardens and hidden lighting. When illuminated at night, this throws both light and shadows across the garden, highlighting the varied colours in the stone.

Stepped Pavers Simply Elegant

Large stepping stone pavers are a simple and versatile way to create a path to the front door. They look stunning surrounded by small pebbles or simply placed into a healthy, green lawn. Their clean, straight lines blend perfectly with the sharp angles and understated exteriors of modern constructions.

No Planter Pot Size is too Big

The use of oversized plant pots is a clever way to add some style and colour, and because of their size, the average garden needs only two or three to make an impact.

These are just some of the creative possibilities if you are looking for landscaping inspiration. It is only limited by your imagination, and the money you spend will increase the value of your property as well as have it looking sensational.