Owner-Builders Reap Financial Rewards in DIY Projects

When it comes to job satisfaction, there is nothing quite like the rush
people get when they complete a do-it-yourself (DIY) project and stand back to
survey the finished product. At that moment, all the frustrations, insecurities
and concerns about how it would look melt away. The project actually looks like
the plans, it is structurally sound and functional, and best of all are the
accolades of family and friends.

It doesn’t matter if the project is a child’s swing or cubby house, a back
patio, furniture or a major renovation. Size is not the issue. The rewards are
in the feelings of accomplishment and self-worth that are so important to human
beings. It is little wonder, then, that the DIY craze has moved beyond simple
projects to major renovations and complete houses, and created the

Cost Savings and Flexibility Big Motivators

There are major financial rewards to be had depending on how much or how
little of the project is DIY. Some sources quote savings of up to 40% of the
cost. An owner-builder can opt to complete the entire project from start to
finish, or do part of the work and contract the remainder out to the relevant

For example, an owner-builder may decide to do all the carpentry, but
contract out the heavy work. DIY earthmoving is not something most
people would do when they could hire the equipment and a licensed operator from
a company like JAD Earthmoving. Having the site professionally prepared gets the
whole project off to a good start.

Control and Flexibility Key Drivers

Owner-builders enjoy the amount of control they have over every aspect of
their project. With a little bit of research they can pick up bargains on items
like tiles, fittings, cabinets, bench tops and good quality second hand
appliances. They like the flexibility of being able to make changes without
creating the major scheduling and supply hassles they would have with a building
company. Choosing the tradespeople they want and working to their own schedule
are also attractive options for owner-builders.

Of course, owner-builders take upon themselves the responsibility for the
success of the project, and permits are required once the cost exceeds a certain
amount. Adequate insurance is essential and if a qualified builder is hired to
do the practical work, the owner-builders may also get the structural

A large owner-builder project is not to be entered into lightly, and most
people going down that road leave the heavy work to a professional earthmoving
company like JAD Earthmoving. There is a lot of organisation and responsibility
attached to being an owner-builder, but the rewards are worth it.