Percussion Hammers Smash Rocks With Ease

Working in the construction industry offers multiple opportunities to be engaged in varied and interesting tasks, and to operate a range of different and challenging equipment. Much of that equipment is specialised and requires operators to be licenced in order to use it legally. Without that equipment, projects would take much longer to complete, cost more and expose workers to unsafe conditions.

Modern Equipment Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

The days of using manual labour for digging are long gone. Modern equipment is available in all sizes from huge drag lines and dump trucks used in open-cut mining to mini-excavators that can manoeuvre into the smallest places on a work site. The excavation for a swimming pool, for example, can be finished in a couple of hours.

Unexpected Obstacles Underground

However, there are still challenges to be overcome. Breaking the surface to perform an excavation can often present unexpected problems. Thankfully, we usually know where underground pipes, water mains, electrical cables and other infrastructure are situated so we don’t strike them when digging. What we often find that what we are not expecting are large amounts of rock.

After many years in the industry, we have become accustomed to striking rock at varying depths. Our operators at Dee Gees Bobcats are experienced at managing these situations, but they also have the benefit of mechanical assistance in the way of hydraulic breakers.

Mechanical Assistance Needed to Break up Rocks

For those unfamiliar with the term, a hydraulic breaker is a powerful percussion hammer, powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator. The hydraulic breaker is fitted to the excavator and the operator controls its use, using a foot-operated valve. Its purpose is to break up any large rocks impeding progress, or even break up big chunks of concrete in a demolition job.

Excavators Available – Small and Large

We have excavators for hire from 1.5 tonne to 6 tonnes capacity and each of them is fitted with breakers. The size ranges we have available make our equipment very versatile, with the smallest suitable for suburban back yard excavation projects, and the largest holding its own on any major construction project.

Operators Break up Rock without Leaving the Excavator

When rock is found, our operator, using the foot control, can break it up safely and with precision, so it can be dumped into a truck and removed from site quickly. Usually, there is little interruption to the normal work flow, which would not be the case if the operator had to shut down the excavator to remove the rock by some other method.

Sometimes we need to break up concrete slabs or piers when we are doing under house excavations, and again, the hydraulic breakers make this work easy. Without them, we would struggle to meet our time frames, so any modern equipment that makes our work easier is welcome.