Safety and Prevention of Falls from Earthmoving Equipment

Working with heavy equipment always comes with big risks. Because of strict laws covering the safety of workers in the work area, employers and project manager need to be aware of the likelihood and the danger of falling from a machine.

For construction, repair or maintenance projects that require the services of an earthmoving machine, there is the risk of the operator getting injured or dying from a fall from the equipment. Safety guards and preventive actions must be undertaken to guarantee the safety of workers on site.

Risks Involved

Earthmoving machines are typically huge and are usually operated from a high position. Machine operators could fall from that height during actual operation. For instance, the machine could accidentally fall into a dug area or may not be equipped well to scale rugged, rocky or steep terrain. An accident could also happen during breakdown repair, inspection, adjusting controls, the seat or mirrors.

A worker that falls from an earthmoving equipment could possibly break his back, get a concussion, bone fracture, brain or spinal cord damage. If the fall is serious, it could lead to death.

Avoiding Accidents

With the risks involved in operating heavy equipment such as an earthmoving machine, proper management and controls must be established to promote the safety of workers. It does not matter if the excavation is for a small residential project or for a big building construction. Any work involving an excavation machine requires adequate attention to detail when it comes to safety.

Operation processes can be managed so as to minimise the occurrence of falls from the machine. For instance, cleaning tasks can be done from the ground using tools that can reach the top area. The worker should also make sure that the machine is parked on a level and safe ground when inspections or repairs are to be done.

Choose the Right Machine

Choosing the right equipment plays a big role in ensuring the safety of workers during earthmoving operations. When renting excavators, it is important to check on the reputation of the company providing the machines. Look for a company that makes sure they are offering safe earthmoving.

The company must be providing adequate inspection and maintenance checks to keep their machines in good working condition. Earthmoving machines come in various designs. When choosing the machine for the project, it is beneficial to look for machines with the right safety features. These may include safety guardrails that will protect the operator from a dangerous fall.