Safety, Efficiency and Damage Prevention – Good Reasons to Use the Right Equipment

Even the simplest of job tasks can be made easier with the right equipment. Trimming a concrete path was once hard work, pushing along a metal wheel on the end of a handle, but these days, with outdoor power equipment like a weed eater it is a breeze. The humble mop was labour intensive and messy, wrung out by hand each time it was dipped into a bucket of water. Squeeze mops have made washing the floor much easier.

What does any of that have to do with Dee Gees Bobcats? Well, we like to use the right equipment for the projects we work on for several good reasons. We have access to a wide range of Brisbane Earthmoving Equipment and related equipment as well as the experienced operators needed to produce the high standard of work our clients expect.

Using the Wrong Equipment for the Job is a Safety Issue

Safety is our number one reason for using the correct equipment for the task. There are very few second chances when using heavy machinery, and there are proven work methods our industry uses that get the job done while keeping safe the operator and others who are close by. People have been injured in the past, taking shortcuts like grabbing the closest piece of equipment instead of the correct one.

The Right Equipment is Always the Most Efficient

Our next reason is all about efficiency. The earth moving industry in South East Queensland is competitive and only businesses that do quality work in a timely and cost effective manner survive. For example, we often travel many kilometres to a job. Taking equipment that won’t successfully complete the task loses time, wastes costly fuel and holds up other work. In situations where there is a penalty clause for running over time, the extra financial penalty could mean the completed job will incur a loss.

Expensive Damage a Real Possibility unless the Equipment Suits the Task

The large equipment used in our industry is expensive and whether it is leased or purchased, it is a significant proportion of the operating costs of any earth moving business. Preventing damage to our machinery while still doing quality work on time is important for the financial health of our company. This is another valid reason for making sure that we are using the most effective machinery for a particular task.

Pushing a piece of equipment to perform work that it was not designed to do by over-loading it, squeezing it into a space that is obviously too small or any one of many other inappropriate uses, creates the potential for damage to the equipment and a hazard for the operator.

Our operators are professionals who look after the machines they are driving, know the operating or load limits and use the right equipment for each project they work on.