Sometimes “red tape” Is a Good Thing

Are you contemplating a major project at your home such as installing a swimming pool or doing some under-house excavations to create much-needed storage and living space? You may have already gone ahead and had some plans drawn up by a professional and you are now realising the scale and complexity of a project that initially sounded quite simple.

Licences, Approvals and Permits Deliver Quality Results

There are many different types of approvals, permits and licences required in Queensland for all kinds of work, so it is not a simple matter for someone unfamiliar with the various processes to know what is required for their particular project. However, they have all evolved over time to ensure that work undertaken, whatever it is, has been done safely and to the highest standards.

While some people may complain from time to time about the amount of “red tape” involved in getting things done, the result is that we have some of the most rigorous standards in the world. This has delivered us safe workplaces, high quality infrastructure and world class facilities.

Government Websites Provide Advice

The downside for the average person looking to have a swimming pool in the back yard before next summer is that it is almost impossible, without insider knowledge, to know what to look for when choosing a contractor to perform the work. The good news is that there are a number of publicly available information services to help navigate the process.

From our point of view as an earthmoving company, we are well aware of our responsibilities under various pieces of legislation to have the right things in place. DeeGees Bobcats offers a range of earthmoving-related services to our clients including general equipment hire, drainage, trenching, swimming pool excavations and demolitions and under-house excavations.

Much of the Approval Process Happens at Local Level

Much of the work we do requires approval by the local council covering the location of the job. These councils must approve the plans before any work can start, and often, this is where their regulatory requirements are checked. State and federal governments handle different registrations, licences and permits.

Personal Referrals the Best Way to Check Credentials

It would be almost impossible for someone outside of the industry to choose an earthmoving company for their project based solely on checking their permits. There are simply too many variables to allow a decision to be made on this basis. The best way to choose an earthmoving company for your project is to check its reputation by asking around.

We have spent over 20 years building our business and our reputation speaks for itself. We get much of our work through referrals from satisfied clients and there is no better recommendation than that.