Take The Time To Find The Right Pool Design

Private swimming pools were once the toys of the very rich, but as households in Australia became more affluent, the pool market expanded. Today, it is common for backyards in many suburbs to include a pool. The first pools were typically rectangular, but now, there are shapes and designs to suit any sized space and any budget.

Pool Safety Laws are First Priority

If you are at the start of your pool-planning journey, first consider the pool laws in your area. The design you choose must comply with the relevant regulations as safety and security should always be a priority. Installing the right type of pool fences and child-proof gates, for example, may influence the size, shape and location of your pool.

A Choice of Materials

Once this is taken into consideration, you then have the choice of three types of inground pools, with concrete the most durable. Fibreglass is quick to install but choice of sizes and shapes is limited, and vinyl is the most cost-efficient but requires the most maintenance.

From our point of view as the company that performs excavations, any of these options are suitable, depending on the space available for the pool. At Dee Gees Bobcats, we have a range of equipment suitable for manoeuvring in small spaces, as well as larger machines for bigger projects.

Modern Pools are an Extension of the Home

While some homeowners with plenty of backyard space still prefer a large pool set away from the house with an under-cover outdoor area and barbeque, the current trend is for a pool that is an extension of the home. Close to the living areas and smaller in size to fit on the small blocks so popular with busy families, these pools use all the modern automatic cleaning equipment, making them a breeze to maintain.

Don’t Dismiss the Humble Lap Pool

Lap pools are still popular where the only available space is a long narrow ribbon along a boundary fence. The users don’t need to be Olympic athletes to enjoy a lap pool, especially in January in Queensland. At this time of year, any body of cool water, regardless of shape, will be irresistible to anyone looking for relief from the heat and humidity.

Get the Best Use of Your Space

Where space is at a premium, consider the pool surrounds and allow enough space to enter and exit the pool with comfort. It may be tempting to put an over-sized pool into a small area, but the finished product will look cramped and limit the landscaping features, which are a key part of the overall ambiance.

Visit displays at pool centres, talk to pool designers and take the time to get the perfect pool that suits your situation and lifestyle.