There Is No Time For Breakdowns On A Work Site

Keeping mechanical equipment in good working order is an essential part of running a business that relies on such equipment for speed and efficiency. Imagine then, a work site where earth needs to be excavated, multiple post holes are required quickly or part of the site is to be levelled. Other trades with their own equipment are waiting for this work to be completed before they start their own tasks.

Machinery Breakdowns Costly to Everyone Involved

Think about how much money is tied up in this equipment and in the wages of the people waiting to work. Imagine the flow-on effect if none of this work could start because a critical piece of earth moving equipment failed just as the machine was getting started. This is the scenario that many project managers face when things go wrong on a job site.

No one can afford this kind of delay, and when we are hired to do a job, we are aware of the importance to our client of having our equipment in good condition and work ready. This is why Dee Gees Bobcats pay careful attention to regular maintenance and replace any worn components before they are likely to fail.

Equipment Failures Often Caused by Poor Maintenance

In fact, poorly performed or infrequent maintenance is a major cause of equipment failure in our industry. Take, for example, the hydraulic systems most of our equipment needs to keep operating. A loss of hydraulic fluid pressure can occur when a flexible hydraulic hose ruptures, causing a sudden loss of power or lift. Failure to keep hydraulic oil free of contaminants can result in an oil top-up introducing dirt into the system where it can damage system components.

Pre-Start Checks Can Highlight Potential Problems

A key part of regular maintenance that is often overlooked in the rush to get machinery loaded and to a job is the pre-start check. Checking things like engine and transmission levels can prevent a major failure on the job. If all grease or lubrication points receive regular attention it is unlikely that there will be an equipment failure due to lack of lubrication.

Replace Worn Parts When First Noticed

On the job breakdowns also occur because worn parts are not replaced immediately they are noticed. Many operators try to cut costs by waiting until it is evident that a particular component is about to fail. They try to squeeze a few days, then a few more out of the item only to have it fail during a job. This costs much more than replacing the part when it was first noticed.

Our maintenance program is first class, so our clients can have every confidence that our machinery will be there on their site, ready to get the job done.