Under House Excavations Cost Effective Way to Create More Living Space

One of the enduring charms of traditional Queensland architecture is the “house on stilts”, as the high-set timber houses were originally called by visitors unfamiliar with the style. Designed specifically to suit our long, humid summers they are still a feature of the Queensland landscape, from the border to Cape York. They have a distinct advantage over ground level brick homes in summer. Queenslander owners enjoy cool breezes coaxed into the houses by their design while brick dwellers crank up their air-conditioners, at ever increasing costs.

What does the design of the traditional Queensland have to do with Dee Gees Bobcats? That’s an easy one. There are still many owners of high set houses who are not getting the full advantage of the space under their home.
Dee Gees Bobcats can fix that by doing an under house excavation.

How an Under House Excavation Creates More Living Space

By removing the old, uneven and impacted soil and leaving a smooth, even surface, Dee Gees prepares the surface for a concrete slab to be laid. The home owner then engages a builder to lay the slab which becomes the foundation for another living or games area, under the existing house. The builder closes in the space by making rooms to the owner’s requirements. They now have a home with twice the space.

Dee Gees Bobcats are experts in doing this type of excavation. No-one stays in business in such a demanding industry without building a reputation for workmanship and integrity. With 23 years in the business, David Gardiner can rightly say that he has earned this reputation, and he and his team are its jealous guardians. David has twelve combo units and attachments out and about all day, and he is happy to look at a project and give a free quote.

Under house excavations are just one of the services Dee Gees Bobcats can provide to clients. Servicing the Ipswich and Oxley areas, David and his experienced plant operators can also offer swimming pool excavations and demolitions, drainage, trenching and general hire. From a 1.5 tonne combo up to 6 tonne combos complete with attachments like augers, rock breakers, rock grabs, pallet forks and brooms, Dee Gees are equipped for any
earth moving job, big or small.

Structural and Workplace Safety must be a Priority

Anyone with an old Queenslander who is thinking about utilising the under house space should speak to David or one of his team before making any decisions. Dee Gees has the experience and know-how to avoid some of the pitfalls of performing this type of work on an occupied dwelling. A poorly planned and executed job can result in the structural integrity of the whole dwelling being compromised.

There are also workplace safety concerns that must be addressed before any work starts. This not only protects the workers but the occupants of the house. With potentially dangerous earthmoving equipment working under the house, procedures must be in place to keep the residents separate from the work space.

Every old Queenslander deserves to be kept in good shape. Turning the wasted space downstairs into something the whole family can use and enjoy will not only extend the life of the building, but add to its value. Dee Gees Bobcats
http://deegeesbobcats.com.au/ are as comfortable with this type of work as an old pair of boots. Why don’t you put them on and see your Queenslander transformed.