Why Choose a Bobcat Mini Excavator?

When it comes to excavation work, nothing comes close to the Bobcat name. Bobcat compact excavators have managed to gain the valuable trust of construction companies and project managers alike. The machines’ flexibility and capabilities make them the perfect choice for many development and repair projects.

Dee Gees Bobcats provides convenient bobcat hire ideal for earthmoving and excavation work. Contractors and project managers can choose from different configurations available in the compact excavators. There are several dig depths, arm settings and tail swing configurations to suit the particular needs of an earthmoving project.


Bobcat compact excavators are equipped with a hydrostatic drive system that is unique to the brand. The machine operator will surely appreciate the comfort and the ease of control that the equipment provides. A bobcat performs well in terms of speed and power to allow for quick and smooth operation. Each machine is designed to maximise power for better production and performance.

Bobcats hire in Brisbane are engineered to perform better than other machines when under load. They are designed to maintain a strong arm and bucket forces suited for challenging site conditions. The mini excavators’ performance is enhanced by features such as closed centre valve, piston pump and cushioned cylinders.

The mini excavators provide continuous 360-degree rotation to improve view and repositioning. The machines are capable of offset digging with the help of the independent boom swing. The In-Track Swing Frame in Bobcats allows the machines to rotate more efficiently in small spaces.

The Bobcat machines also provide better flexibility, allowing 180 degrees of movement. This means that a compact excavator can load a truck that is situated behind it.


Another positive attribute of a Bobcat excavator is the versatility it provides the user. With the proper attachment, the Bobcat machine can be transformed into totally new equipment for another specific purpose. The machine can be fitted with the optional Hydraulic X-Change to easily hook up or change an attachment. The X-Change gives the operator more control of the attachment without the need for wrenches and hammers to put on an attachment.

Bobcats hire are a great choice when it comes to excavation work, whether for a small project or a big one. The power, speed, ease of operation as well as the versatility of a Bobcat puts it ahead of the competition. Dee Gees Bobcats offers affordable plant hire perfect for any earthmoving task. Check out the various earthmoving machines and attachments available for hire at http://deegeesbobcats.com.au.