Working In Confined Spaces Perfect For Compact Machines

Although there are still construction projects happening in new housing estate areas in the outer suburbs of South-East Queensland, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for renovating homes in older areas closer to city services. While the blocks of land in these areas are typically larger than what is being provided now, there are established dwellings and other structures in close proximity.

Compact Machines More Suitable for Smaller Jobs

This poses a problem for contractors who have been engaged to perform major structural or excavation work. Getting large pieces of equipment in and out of these premises is difficult and expensive. Many contractors are now looking at machines that are more compact and other smaller pieces of equipment to make these projects more cost effective.

This allows small companies like ours the opportunity to work on projects that are difficult to access. At Dee Gees Bobcats, we have a range of bobcat and earthmoving equipment for hire ranging from 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne excavators, mini bobcats and other ancillary equipment.

Many Demolition Projects Happen in Confined Spaces

When people outside the industry think of demolition work, they immediately associate it with media film of big smoke stacks or multi-storey buildings being destroyed in spectacular fashion in front of thousands of onlookers. While these situations do happen, the more frequent types of demolition are those that either happen inside buildings such as removing a floor, in between buildings in very confined spaces or simple jobs like ripping up a concrete path.

Compact Equipment gets into Hard to Reach Places

Our equipment is ideal for these small demolition tasks and for excavating under high-set houses for owners who want to build additional accommodation in space currently not being used. For example, while we use our compact excavators to dig trenches, their reach is also perfect for either breaking up concrete or removing rock in hard-to-reach places.

Attachments Offer Extra Versatility

The secret to this versatility is the number and variety of attachments and other pieces like rock breakers and rock grabs that extend the range of jobs they can perform. Bringing large demolition or excavation machines into a fully fenced, established yard with gardens and fifty-year old trees is a project manager’s nightmare. While the owners want their work done, they don’t want the rest of their home damaged in the process.

Small Machines, Minimal Disruption, No Complaints

Only our small machines are suitable in these types of situations. When we are on site, our trucks carrying this equipment can be parked in the street without blocking traffic. Because the machines are so manoeuvrable, we can unload them and have them working in no time. We get the job done quickly, the clients get their renovation and we don’t annoy the neighbours. Everyone is happy.