A Different Way of Looking at the Cost of Yard Cleaning

A Different Way of Looking at the Cost of Yard Cleaning

There is nothing like an unkempt, overgrown yard full of rubbish to reduce the value of a property, and not by just a couple of hundred dollars but by thousands. This applies equally to residential, commercial and industrial properties, making it essential that before placing any property on the market, it should be cleared of rubbish so that it can be displayed at its best. However, there are other reasons for cleaning up other than getting ready for a sale.

Sometimes Do-it-Yourself is False Economy

For homeowners, choosing between clearing their yard themselves with a trailer or Ute, and hiring a professional yard clearing service is often a question of cost. However, sometimes this can be false economy. Fuel is expensive and multiple trips to the local dump can quickly burn through the budget. Add to that the extra time and effort it takes to sort the rubbish and dump it in the correct location, and hiring professionals becomes more appealing.

Some Jobs Need Specialists

In the case of a commercial property, the nature of the clearing up required would depend on the type of business being conducted on the site. For example, an office building would not need a yard clearing service, where a shopping centre with car parks and gardens might. If a situation arose such as storm or vandal damage, this would be outside the scope of work performed by the usual cleaning staff.

An industrial site has its own unique challenges, often covering several hectares with multiple large buildings and lots of long grass in between. Responsible managers usually have their own team of gardeners and cleaners, but there are many that are less well-managed, and finally accumulate so much rubbish that a professional yard cleaning service is required.

Our clear up team here at Dee Gees Bobcats are experienced at yard cleaning, garden clean-up and waste removal. We work with homeowners, landscapers and others on small domestic clean-ups right through to major cleaning and waste removal jobs. Our range of equipment helps us complete work as quickly as possible to reduce the cost to our clients, and we leave every site as clean and clear as possible.

Your Time is Too Important to Waste

When deciding whether to hire us for your job, cost is not the only thing to consider. Everyone leads busy lives with many competing priorities. Ask yourself if spending hours, or even days, doing your clean-up task is the best use of your time. What other, more important things could you be doing while a professional yard clearing service like ours is hard at work finishing off on your behalf?

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