A Modern Workhorse To Suit Every Industry

A Modern Workhorse To Suit Every Industry

On any given day, there are all kinds of work projects in progress, from adding a new feature in the smallest of gardens to excavations in preparation for major building works. All involve the removal of soil, broken concrete, old piping, building refuse, trees, old fencing and similar types of waste. While the do-it-yourself householder could clear their project site with a dump run in their trailer, anything bigger than that requires some serious muscle.

The Versatility of a Tip Truck

The tip truck is the modern work horse that makes transporting large quantities of material cost effective and convenient. These labour-saving vehicles are also available in various sizes and carrying capacities, making them doubly useful when the volumes required are not uniform and also when access is difficult. There are also several industries for which the availability of tip trucks is essential.

An Indispensable Tool for the Construction Industry

The construction industry relies on tip trucks to not only dispose of unwanted material, but also to bring soil and other essential material to building sites. Some companies are large enough to have their own fleet of trucks, while others utilise the flexibility of hiring them as and when they are needed.

Tip truck and mini tipper hire is a major part of our business here at Dee Gees Bobcats. Our clients include tradies, builders, local councils and homeowners who are all looking for different solutions to their waste removal problems. We provide not only the right vehicle for the job, but also experienced operators with the required licences. Our safety documentation is up to date and we are fully insured.

Need to Move Tonnes of Landscaping Materials?

Modern construction projects usually require a high degree of extensive, quality landscaping to complete the work. The landscaping industry could not function without tip trucks. The mass transport and distribution of large quantities of soil, stone and gravel needs to be done in a timely and efficient manner, and the flexibility of using trucks of different sizes makes them perfect for the many and varied tasks involved in constructing gardens, paths, water features and other beautification works.

Waste Removal and Recycling Costs Slashed by Tip Trucks

The other obvious industry relying on the efficient and cost-effective removal of unwanted materials is waste removal. Every time a household places a wheelie bin out for collection, it eventually ends up in a tip truck. Some go to land fill and some to recycling but it’s not only the local council that is part of this industry. Private companies also perform rubbish removal and recycling services to households and other industries, and without the tip truck, the costs would be prohibitive.

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