Add Another Level of Living to your House

Add Another Level of Living to your House

Are you a property owner who is happy with the area in which you live? Do you have great neighbours and all the local amenities you want, but your existing home either needs some structural repairs or you need more space? For those homeowners in this situation who do not want to leave their neighbourhood but want more out of their current dwelling, raising the house is a perfect solution.

Raise and Restump a Good Solution

Where structural repairs must be done to keep the home liveable, it makes sense to raise and restump the property, both to correct the defects and to add the features desired by the owners. For example, the extra floor space could be used for a granny flat for an elderly family member, a home gym, a teenage retreat, or an entertainment area at ground level connected to a barbeque and pool deck.

Development Approval Required

This is a major construction project that starts with a set of structural drawings prepared in conjunction with an engineer and an architect. Once development approval has been given by the relevant authority, the builder engaged by the homeowner can begin the process of organising and overseeing the various trades required to complete the work to the required professional standard.

Under House Excavation Begins

For safety reasons, the occupants move out temporarily before work starts. This is a non-negotiable, legal requirement. The structure is then lifted and supported while foundations are completed, and permanent stumps installed. This also requires extensive under house excavation work to remove excess soil and debris in preparation for the rest of the work.

This is one of our specialty areas. At Dee Gees Bobcats we work closely with builders and homeowners throughout our client’s area to provide affordable and professionally managed under house excavations. We approach every job, large or small, simple or complex, with the same commitment to producing high quality work demonstrated by our thirty years in the industry.

Not a Job for an Inexperienced Operator

Under house excavation work can be dangerous if performed by inexperienced operators. One possible problem that can occur is that the temporary stacks holding up the house can be undermined, compromising the weight distribution of the structure. This can lead to anything from minor structural damage to a total collapse. An experienced operator understands the care needed to complete an excavation without incident.

House Raising Can Increase Property Value

Raising a house can be a disruptive process for the owners, but once the work is completed it can increase the overall value of the property. It can effectively double the liveable space of the home, and in the case of houses that have been flood affected, it reduces a future flood risk.

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