All the Earthmoving Products You Need

Earthmoving machines are important in any excavation, construction or demolition work. The quality of the equipment you hire needs to be tiptop to guarantee that the work is done right and to avoid any mishaps or accidents. Dee Gees Bobcats offers various types of earthmoving equipment throughout Brisbane.

Available Equipment

The company has a comprehensive set of earthmoving machines for various applications. These machines include mini excavators, which offer maximum performance in compact excavation machines. Compact excavators are lighter machines that can provide smooth operation on the excavation site.

The plant hire company also offers excavators from 3 tonnes to 6 tonnes, Bobcat excavators, which are one of the leaders in the industry, 6m and 10m tippers, post hole borers, rock breakers to break down large rocks in the excavation site, rock grabs, pallet forks and soil levellers. The company’s earthmoving equipment will ensure that all aspects of the earthmoving project are covered.

Plant Hire Essentials

It is important that before you decide on which machine to hire and use, you are clear about the physical characteristics of the site. Are there boulders and rocks in the area? What is the soil type and how difficult will it be to do some digging?

Before deciding on the equipment to rent, conduct a thorough survey of the site first. This is a prerequisite in any construction work so that you will know if there are any pipelines located underneath the ground. Water lines are important to identify beforehand to prevent any unwanted accidents and costly repairs.

Once the ground survey is done, you can determine the type of earthmoving machines you will need. Excavation equipment may also need essential attachments to make the work more efficient. Check Dee Gees Bobcats’ price list earthmoving online to get a better grasp of the budget you will need for the plant hire. The price list indicates the rate per hour and the amount when GST is included for the equipment and the attachments that may be needed. The minimum time for rental of the equipment is three hours, including one hour of travel time to the site.

To make the most of the equipment in a cost-effective way, planning is critical. Schedule the hiring of the equipment when it will be actually needed. That way, there will be no wasted hours that the equipment is not being used. Plan the attachments you will need for the machine to finish the work at hand. This will reduce hiring time as there are fewer mistakes.

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