Big Yard Cleaning Jobs Reqire A Professional Approach

Big Yard Cleaning Jobs Reqire A Professional Approach

We have a long-standing tradition in Australia of helping friends and neighbours with big jobs around their yards, knowing that when we want help for our own projects, they will reciprocate. A quick look around any suburb at the weekend and you will see at least one ute or trailer full of yard rubbish ready for a trip to the local refuse dump, and a barbeque waiting for the workers to enjoy on their return.

The Job’s Not Complete until the Clean-up is Done

This system works well for most occasions but what happens when you have just completed a major renovation, everyone is tired, and the back yard is covered with rubble? All the workers want is a cold beer, a steak burger off the barbie and a rest. By this time, cleaning up is not a high priority.

You Do the Project and Leave the Clean-up to the Professionals

How good would it be then, if you had already booked a professional yard cleaning crew to clean up the mess the next day while you and your hard-working friends were back at their real jobs? Imagine coming home from work to find everything clean and tidy and the rubbish whisked away to who-knows-where.

This can be your reality when you leave large clean-ups to Dee Gees Bobcats. Our professional team of licenced operators can quickly remove unsightly builder’s rubbish, broken concrete, cracked pavers, tree branches and other green waste, leaving your property tidy and free of tripping hazards.

Selling Your Property? No Time to Tidy the Yard?

Now that the real estate market is moving again, we are increasingly being called upon to help with large garden and yard tidy-ups for property owners who are placing their homes on the market. To take advantage of the rising market, owners don’t want to waste days or even weeks doing the work themselves, so they contact us to get the property ready for the all-important first open house.

Don’t Want your Valuable Staff Doing Yard Maintenance?

Commercial and industrial business owners are also using our yard cleaning services instead of taking their own workers off-the-job to do yard maintenance. They have found that contracting this work to us is much more cost effective than taking their staff off productive, income-producing tasks to do clean-ups. For us, the job can be as simple as clearing up rubbish from a weekend raid by local vandals to bringing in our machinery to clear fallen trees and debris from the staff car park after a violent storm.

The circumstances that give rise to a need for our services are varied and numerous. What we offer is an alternative to hiring and filling a skip bin. Our clients just contact us, and we get the job done.

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