Bobcats – The Mighty Mouse of Machines

Bobcats – The Mighty Mouse of Machines

When it comes time to dig a trench, shift a load or move dirt from one place to another, there is nothing quite like modern earthmoving equipment to take the hard labour out of the job. Not only do these machines save time and money, but they are also specifically designed for different purposes, along with a range of accessories that make them very versatile.

Perfect for Site Preparation

The bobcat, for example, is a stalwart of the construction industry, able to perform essential tasks that expand to suit the available accessories. An important part of any construction project is site preparation, which usually involves clearing a parcel of land ready for the new building. Depending on the site conditions, bobcats may be used for stump clearing, breaking up concrete, removal of debris, levelling the land and light excavation.

Works Hard in Small Spaces and Saves Money

Once the project moves into the construction phase, large machines may take over to speed up progress. However, bobcats are still needed. Their manoeuvrability makes them ideal for use in small spaces where excavators would be impractical. Bobcats are also cost effective for work on smaller projects such as housing construction, which do not have the budget of large-scale projects.

As our name shows, our business is built on the extraordinary capabilities of bobcats. Along with our fleet of tippers, excavators and accessories, Dee Gees Bobcats has the equipment and the skilled team of operators to do quality work for our clients. We work with both domestic and commercial customers, adding value to their projects with our high standards of care and expertise.

Landscapers Love Bobcats

Bobcats come into their own when used for landscaping work. Whether for property developers building whole estates or single householders improving their yards, tasks such as fencing, driveways, garden edges, laying new turf or bigger projects like swimming pool excavation, building a deck or landscaping pool surrounds are easier with a bobcat. With the right accessories, a bobcat does the hard work such as drilling post holes, digging trenches, grinding out and removing tree stumps, preparing driveways for concreting, lifting, moving and placing large rocks.

Add on Accessories for More Tasks

The versatility of a bobcat is limited only by the range of accessories available for its use. While rock breakers, rock grabs, soil levellers and pallet forks are some of the most popular, rotary cutters, for example, turn undergrowth into mulch, mixer buckets make cement in small quantities for remote work and there is even a snow plough available. Of course, the latter is not something in high demand here, but don’t ever underestimate the might of a bobcat.

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