Breeze Through the Hot Summer With Pool Ownership

Breeze Through the Hot Summer With Pool Ownership

Anyone who has experienced the heat and humidity of a Queensland summer remembers the relief offered by a splash of cold water on hot, sweating flesh. Or perhaps a cool wet cloth on the neck or a water bottle tipped over the head after a run. Even better than anything, would be a full plunge into a large body of water. If that large body of water is in your own back yard, surviving summer is a breeze.

Back Yard Pools Give Exercise Benefits

This is the obvious benefit of having your own swimming pool, but there are other benefits that enhance pool ownership. The opportunity for regular exercise is appealing to pool owners who, rather than drive to a gym, can simply step outside their back door. The health benefits of low-impact exercise are well known and swimming places are far less strain on the body than running or jogging.

Water Safety Lessons at Home

If you have children, your own pool is the perfect place to start teaching them about water safety. Whether you choose to hire a private swimming teacher, or take them to group lessons, either way you can reinforce what they have learnt in their own environment, cementing the knowledge between lessons.

Dee Gees Bobcats have been seeing the benefits of home swimming pools for many years. Pool excavations are just one of the earthmoving services we provide for clients, and as the climate heats up, we are experiencing increased demand. We often go back after the pool installation to do further landscaping work, so we see the positive impact the pools have on the families living there.

Who Doesn’t Love a Pool Party?

There is something about a glistening body of clean, cool water that draws people to it, especially in summer, and the increased social interaction is an important benefit. Spending more time with family and friends around your pool strengthens personal ties, increases wellbeing and boosts the quality of your mental health.

Added Value and Low Maintenance

Nothing complements your landscaping and gardens quite like a swimming pool. Along with additional features such as an outdoor kitchen, furnished pool deck, shower and change room, plus mood lighting for late-night swims, this extension to the existing living area adds to the overall value of the property. As a bonus, current pool cleaning technology and equipment keeps the water looking inviting without hours of work.

Inbuilt Stress Reliever

Imagine arriving home after a frustrating commute, slipping into the cool water and feeling the stress and anxiety of the day fall away. You slow swim and float until you are completely relaxed and congratulate yourself on deciding to install a pool.

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