Create A Haven In Your Yard With Paving

Create A Haven In Your Yard With Paving

Whether you are looking for ideas to update the look of your home, or you are giving it a makeover prior to selling, take the advice of every real estate agent and don’t neglect your garden. For your property to have street appeal, the fencing, driveways, lawns and gardens must be as well presented as the interior of the home.

Attention to detail important

Often, attention to detail is lacking in the yard, with a cursory mowing and weeding the only concession to presentation. This is a pity because a yard with shaded areas, comfortable seating, a barbeque and some well-placed trees and shrubs is far more appealing to a buyer than a featureless mowing strip.

Lead the way with pavers

Among the many features that will add value to a yard is paving. Well-designed, paved walkways lead visitors to the front door, and provide solid, even surfaces to access garden beds and leisure areas. Stone pavers are also the perfect surface to support a feature such as a fountain or a bird bath.

Dee Gees Bobcats provide landscaping services along with a range of other earthmoving activities. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a quality result, and with 30 years’ experience and a team of skilled and experienced operators, we can complete the preparation and levelling work required for any paving work you require.

Don’t be casual with surface preparation

For a perfect result, correct surface preparation is essential. The ground must be cleared and free of any tree or plant roots, stones, leaf litter or any other obstructions or protrusions. The entire area to be paved must be level, as an uneven paver surface will be a tripping hazard. It will also be difficult to place outdoor furniture, which should also be on an even surface.

Precise measurements needed when excavating the space

Once the ground is cleared it must be excavated to a depth that allows for the paving and the sub-base construction. Road base or a well-graded crushed rock followed by bedding sand is a common method of creating a sound base on which to lay the pavers. Excavating for large paved areas is more efficient when done by experienced operators such as ours, as the work requires care and precision.

The current trend when laying large stone pavers for a path is to fill in the spaces between the pavers with small river stones. This is another job that is easily done by a bobcat, as a couple of bucket-loads of stones can be spread more quickly than manually with a shovel. Give us a call when your paving job is more than you want to do yourself.

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