Creating The Foundation For A Well-Constructed Driveway

Creating The Foundation For A Well-Constructed Driveway

Residential, commercial or industrial properties need to have vehicular access via a driveway or multiple driveways, depending on the size of the property and the various access requirements. While a completed driveway may look like a simple enough project, getting it to the stage where it will cope with years of heavy vehicle traffic is not a simple matter.

Sound Preparation is the Key to Success

Most driveways are made of concrete and much of the success of this type of construction is achieved by having the right materials and carefully following each step of the preparation process. While experienced do-it-yourself practitioners can confidently construct a driveway to their own property by following the correct process, large-scale projects should be handled by driveway construction experts.

Always Check Local Government Regulations

One of the earliest steps in the preparation process is to check local government regulations. For example, Brisbane City Council has a permit system governing the construction of driveways and a number of technical standards that must be observed. Ipswich City Council also has a permit system and they provide a set of standard drawings to download from their website.

Complying with these standards and securing the correct permits are just two of the reasons why getting us to construct your driveway makes the whole project easy. Dee Gees Bobcats have over thirty years’ experience in driveway preparation, and our skilled operators, combined with our quality bobcats, soil levellers and machinery will handle your driveway project with professionalism.

Australian Standards Designed to Cover Preparation

There are several Australian Standards pertaining to concrete driveways that provide guidelines to local authorities and to companies like ours. Concrete surface driveways in the Brisbane City Council area for example, must have N25 strength in accordance with AS1379 and AS3600. There are also specific requirements for the expansion joints and the thickness of the slab so that every part of the preparation process is covered.

Gradients and Driveway Loads Part of the Equation

Gradients are another aspect of driveway construction with specific requirements that are set out in the technical standards. Driveway loads and materials are also covered so that there should be no guess work involved in the preparation process. This ensures that, provided all standards are observed, driveway construction is of a consistent and reliable quality.

Get the Preparation Right for a Trouble-Free Result

Getting these aspects correct and ensuring that your completed driveway meets all quality standards is just part of the job for a professional company like ours. An inferior driveway construction is likely to crack or crumble as time passes, requiring expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. Having the correct preparation processes in place is the basis for a completed driveway that will stand the test of time.

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