Crush Those Rocks with Ease

Crushing large rocks with ease can be accomplished using rock breakers. A rock breaker is an attachment to heavy machinery used to handle large rocks, including cutting down large rocks into smaller rocks. The machine has two major parts, namely, a hydraulic hammer, which is used to break rocks, and a boom, or the arm. There are two primary types of rock breakers: mobile and stationary. The latter is normally positioned on a pedestal or slew frame.

Features and Benefits

A standard rock breaker automatically varies the speed and power of the blows according to the hardness of the rock being crushed, thanks to a special intelligent hydraulic system. This feature optimises the hydraulic pressure released by the machine, resulting in higher productivity and improved overall performance.

The dual shock-absorption system featured in rock breakers considerably minimises the vibrations delivered to the excavator. The excavator boom also experiences lower stress levels because the breakers are lightweight.

Thanks to the centralised greasing system, the sliding components remain lubricated even when the breaking is working horizontally. This feature significantly lessens wear and tear on parts and, therefore, prolongs the life of the breaker.

A typical breaker also delivers a quiet operation because the interior of its body features sound-absorbent material and an anti-rumble paint. This feature, combined with a few alterations to the bushing, significantly lowers noise emission levels.

The breakers also have fewer parts, allowing for a simple and efficient design as well as a slimline case design. The slim, well-proportioned structure allows operators to work in relative ease even under the toughest conditions.

Bobcat Rock Breakers

Rock breakers from Dee Gees Bobcats come as an attachment to the company’s excavator-Bobcat Combo package. Its rock breakers have been proven to perform reliable earthmoving jobs. Bobcat hydraulic breakers provide a hard-hitting performance and they can easily be attached to a loader or excavator. The machines practically require no maintenance and release low noise and vibration levels.

Dee Gees Bobcats has been supplying earthmoving equipment in the Brisbane area for many years. The company’s extensive range of equipment includes mini excavators, 6-metre and 10-metre tippers, excavators ranging from 1.5 ton to 6 ton, plus a range of attachments including post hole borers, augers, rock breakers, rock grabs, pallet forks and brooms.

The company’s heavy machinery operators are experienced in carrying out a range of duties including drainage excavation, trenching, swimming pool excavations, swimming pool demolitions, under house excavations, amongst other tasks.

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