Do We Know What Common, Everyday Terms Really Mean?

Do We Know What Common, Everyday Terms Really Mean?

From early 2020 to the present day, we all had to learn new terminology, understand the reasons for new restrictions on our personal freedoms, and become familiar with new laws to do our part to contain the current virus epidemic. Mostly we succeeded, but it raised the question about the familiar terms we hear every day, but do not really understand unless we are part of the industry that uses them.

Spot the Difference!

Take for example, the common-place words, earthworks and excavation. It would be easy to dismiss them as describing identical functions, but in fact, while they are similar, they are also different. If you are now confused, you are not alone, so here is an explanation.

What are Earthworks?

Let’s start with earthworks. This is the process of removing, moving or adding large quantities of soil and/or rock from one place to another. Generally, earthworks are performed to create a construction site that is level and at the correct heights to allow project works to begin.

A Little Bit of Detail

Earthworks are performed in residential and commercial building projects, but bulk earthworks occur in civil construction projects such as road, rail and highway building, the construction of dams, levees, canals, causeways, and other major infrastructure. Also included are compaction, water cartage and dust suppression. Trenches are also part of earthworks and vary in size and depth, depending on the needs of the job.

Now to Excavation

Excavation is the process of cutting into the parcel of land that is the subject of the earthworks, to remove earth and rocks that are unwanted at that point. Experienced earthmovers reuse as much of this excavated material as possible to avoid waste and the cost of transporting it to land fill.

Identifying the Materials is Important

When performing excavations, it is important to identify the type of material as this can vary from loose soil or sand which is easy to excavate, to gravel mixed with clay which is a little more difficult, to wet and heavy clay with broken rocks right through to solid material which requires breaking down before excavating and is the most difficult to handle.

Our company, Dee Gees Bobcats , offers both earthwork and excavation services. Our experienced operators perform everything from general earthmoving to drainage excavations, trenching, turf preparation, swimming pool and under-house excavations, demolitions and other ground preparation and construction projects. We invest in a wide range of high-quality equipment in varying sizes and configurations so we can satisfy our client requirements.

Of course, there is much more detail involved in the safe and correct performance of both earthworks and excavation, but this should serve as a brief explanation of the differences.

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