Does Your Yard Need An Update?

Does Your Yard Need An Update?

With the whole country in the grip of one of the worst droughts in living memory, the average householder has wisely opted to conserve water. A drive around most suburbs shows that the minimum amount of water is being used to keep gardens and lawns alive, but not enough for grass to need mowing twice a week. In fact, the noise of mowers at the weekend is noticeably absent in the worst hit areas.

Now is the Perfect Time for DIY Therapy

However, rather than abandoning their yards to the elements, garden-loving householders now have the perfect opportunity for some DIY therapy. The time spent every week mowing the fast-growing grass that follows regular rain can now be used to upgrade other parts of the yard. Landscaping, fencing, concreting or other projects can be completed, ready for the return of that life-giving moisture from the sky.

Some DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Yard

Have you been yearning for an extra storage shed in the back yard, or perhaps a platform deck in a quiet corner, or even a raised timber pathway to tame a sloping block? Would you like to update the paving on your front patio and continue it down the front path? These are all DIY projects that anyone handy with tools and a clear plan can complete now that the mowing is less demanding.

A Few More Suggestions

Does your old timber fence detract from the value of your property? Replace it with a low maintenance aluminium or panel fence. You may have a concrete driveway that has outlived its usefulness, with cracks and lifting that are now hazardous. If you do most of the labouring work yourself, you will be surprised at how economically you can replace it.

Assisting with DIY projects is something that we do well here at Dee Gees Bobcats. We understand that many people want the satisfaction of doing most of the work themselves, but we are here to handle the tough stuff. Our experienced operators and our versatile equipment can remove old fence posts or dig new post holes. Our bobcats can remove topsoil to create driveways, garden beds, pathways or flat surfaces for that deck.

Help with Your Project is at Hand

How much easier would your project be if we did the preparation, leaving you to do the detailed work that DIYers love? You may want to create a water feature or a goldfish pond (using tank water of course) but are baulking at hand digging the hole and the trenches for the pipes. Let us handle the hard work and let you get on with the fun stuff.

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