For a Smoothly Run Project Early Preparations are Essential

For a Smoothly Run Project Early Preparations are Essential

Property owners understand that keeping their homes well maintained over time will translate into a good financial outcome when they are ready to sell. Repainting rooms, new floor coverings and window dressings, upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms are typical, but part of that maintenance often includes the lawns and gardens.

Landscaping Projects Must Meet Required Laws and Standards

A large landscaping project can add thousands of dollars to the value of a property and additions such as ponds, waterfalls, fountains, outdoor lighting and rock gardens can transform an ordinary outdoor environment in something special. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that any major landscaping work is done to legislative and building standards requirements.

Early preparations for such a project should include a plan detailing the scope of work, the equipment required, the timeframe from start to completion, the materials to be used, the proximity of the works to any neighbouring properties and any administrative applications that will be required. Starting work without such a plan will make it difficult to co-ordinate the various tasks.

Seeking Approvals Avoids Potential Problems

Before any work is undertaken, there may be approvals by local government authorities for a range of issues. A good example is the amount of fill that can be added to an existing property sitting on a flood plain. Bringing in some soil to level up a sloping block may seem simple enough, but any action that could divert the natural flow of water can cause major problems in a flood event.

Do Not Risk Underground Services or Neighbouring Properties

Other problems can occur when work is undertaken without checking if approvals are needed. Infrastructure such as electricity and phone cables, water pipes and other underground services can be damaged if excavation takes place without identifying the location of all utilities. Excavation work situated close to fences or retaining walls can cause structural damage to neighbouring properties resulting in lengthy insurance claims and rectification work. Checking with the relevant authorities can avoid all these issues.

Leave the Hard Work to Experts

Some landscaping projects should not be attempted without expert assistance, especially if they involve substantial earthmoving and excavation tasks. The major advantages of hiring professionals for this type of work are that they are experienced, not just in operating the heavy equipment needed, but also in knowing the standards to be met.

At Dee Gees Bobcats our services include excavation and earthmoving and to ensure we can provide clients with a comprehensive range of solutions we have invested in quality plant and equipment. Our operators are experienced with projects such as swimming pool excavations, general earthmoving, drainage work and others, for private clients as well as local councils, landscapers and other tradespeople.

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