From Caves to Pyramids to Modern Construction Projects

From Caves to Pyramids to Modern Construction Projects

Human beings are known as being great builders, right from the earliest times when they moved out of caves and began to spread out across the globe. Eventually, as groups found places to settle, they needed shelter and so began the process of building structures that continues today.

Earthworks the First Step

Of course, we now have advanced building methods and large machinery to assist in construction, so we are able to build bigger, better and taller structures. Regardless of the size and type of any structure to be built, the one thing it must have for stability is a cleared and level building site.

Sometimes, depending on the site, earthworks also include the process of bringing soil, rocks or gravel to a location for the purpose of filling in indentations or large holes in the site. These are then spread by machinery specifically designed for the purpose to meet the same goal, which is to have a level site.

Excavation Needs the Right Machinery

The choice of machinery really depends on the type of soil that needs to be cut to create the foundations. Again, there is a range of machinery available to get this work done quickly and efficiently. For example, the soil could be sandy, clay, loam, gravel or rocks, and on a large site, it could be a combination of soils. There are excavators for any size, from mini to large and bobcats are suitable for smaller jobs requiring manoeuvrability.

These are the types of earthmoving machines that DeeGees Bobcats have available for hire by both domestic and commercial clients. We have a skilled and experienced team of machine operators who expertly perform work for local councils, developers, builders, swimming pool companies and others. To provide these services, we continue to invest in a range of bobcats and excavators, which we keep maintained and ready for work.

Excavations Simple and Complex

The excavation process that follows is varied and can be complex. Here in Queensland, for example, a popular renovation technique for a high-set house is to excavate under the property to construct an additional living level without the disruption of adding extra rooms upstairs. Another popular excavation when finished, results in a swimming pool. It could also be as simple as preparing a driveway or landscaping a back yard.

Earthwork excavations are essential to the continuing process of building all types of premises, as well as the infrastructure needed to live safely and productively in the structured societies that we humans have created across the globe. Without these projects, we could all be looking for new caves in which to shelter.

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