Great Lawn Surfaces Start With The Right Touch

Great Lawn Surfaces Start With The Right Touch

One of the delights of being outdoors is the benefit we gain from our renewal with the natural world. For our health and wellbeing, humans need to feel the sunlight, see the stars at night, absorb the sounds of nature and walk in bare feet on the grass. For town and city dwellers, our parks and gardens provide opportunities to do this without having to go too far from home.

Lush, Green Turf Doesn’t Just Happen

A stretch of soft, green grass framing a path to a home, business or workplace is inviting but it is not just a matter of rolling out some turf. For every stretch that looks lush and green, there are just as many patches that struggle to survive, die back in winter, and never reach their growth potential.

The Secret is Preparation

The secret to turf that looks great all year round is in the preparation. Just like laying the foundations for a building, get it right and the results will be obvious. Get it wrong and you will have a disaster on your hands.

Our turf specialists at Dee Gees Bobcats have the latest equipment to prepare sites for homeowners, builders, landscapers and councils across our client area. Our experience covers environments as diverse as lawns for family homes to sports fields, golf courses and public parks. Turf is expensive, so hiring our professional team for the preparation work is a sound investment.

Traps for the Inexperienced

Inexperienced people doing their first turf laying may be tempted to skip the critical first step, especially if they are replacing an old, tired lawn. However, it is essential that the existing turf and weeds be removed to provide a pristine base for the new turf. A professional will do this quickly and safely with the correct earth moving equipment.

At the same time, they will level the site leaving it smooth and shaped so that any necessary drainage points are in place. This is especially important if the site retains water in large rain events. Again, an inexperienced person may find this difficult without hiring equipment, as well as lacking the knowledge to get the drainage correct. A new lawn that gets waterlogged will rarely look its best.

Further Work Needed Before Laying any Turf

Professional turf preparation will lay the foundation for the work to come. The site may require top dressing with good quality soil, but there are different techniques required depending on whether the site is sandy or clay or some other soil type. It may also need some enrichment such as an organic mix or fertilizer. This is all work that should be done before rolling out any turf.

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