How to Give Clients Value-Added Service

How to Give Clients Value-Added Service

Many companies in the construction industry are actively involved in providing excavation services. Some of them specialise in specific excavation and earthmoving activities, and others offer a wider range of options depending on the size and availability of their equipment. However, if you thought that was all they offered to their clients, you would be wrong.

Asbestos Removal Requires Experts

Suppose, for example, you had a major project that required extensive excavation, but the site was found to be contaminated with asbestos.

An expert excavation company with the required licence for A Class Asbestos Removal would safely remove and dispose of friable asbestos and non-friable asbestos (bonded asbestos) products such as low density board, asbestos pits, and asbestos cement sheeting. This would allow you to move forward with your project.

Plant Hire and Prior Inspections

This may be an unusual example, but there are other ways in which expert excavation companies can assist their clients.

Some hire out surplus equipment to small sub-contractors who cannot afford the overheads involved in leasing or buying their own. They also take the time to inspect proposed excavations before work starts and suggest methods and techniques that will improve safety and reduce costs.

Demolition Safety Experts Ready to Help

Other companies offer demolition services along with their excavation expertise. This requires an extra level of safety and adherence to industry standards.

They assist the client by raising their awareness of the necessary safety processes required with this type of project. Their in-house health and safety advisors work with the client to bring safety issues up to the required standards so the project can proceed without incident.

Our clients appreciate our input into the excavation aspects of their project. Dee Gees Bobcats have approximately 25 years of experience in excavation and earthmoving, so we are well placed to advise clients in situations where we know that a particular approach to a project may not be the most efficient or effective.

Sharing our expertise is just one of the ways we can add value to get the best results for our clients.

Respect and Skill Recognition Builds Goodwill

There is another valuable but often not recognised positive that a client can get from an expert excavation company. This is the relationship of mutual respect and recognition of the skills and experience being offered.

It is especially important as the job is not just a one off, but a situation where the company and client intend to work together in the future. This happens, for example, when a company becomes a preferred supplier to a major contractor with work booked well into the future. It is worth its weight in gold.

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