How to Identify a Reliable Equipment Supplier

How to Identify a Reliable Equipment Supplier

As we go about our daily lives, we often give fleeting attention to the mundane activities taking place around us. We pass new housing developments, high-rise construction sites, road works that provide us with safe travel, and other human activities, without thinking too much about how all of it is co-ordinated.

A Construction Job Needs to be on Time and on Budget

To add to already difficult situations, the pandemic has caused supply issues with shortages of materials and labour adversely affecting major projects. Imagine, then, the struggles of a project manager or site supervisor whose job it is to keep everything on schedule and on budget. Sourcing materials and workers is challenging enough, so arranging for earthmoving or excavating equipment to be on site and on time is difficult.

Finding Quality Earthmoving Equipment

In addition, such equipment needs to be well-maintained, and in a condition of operational readiness. It also needs to be cost effective. While some companies own and maintain their equipment, there are many other operators who prefer to hire large machinery on an “as needed” basis. For them, it is more cost effective to pay just for the time the equipment is being used, than garaging and maintaining it 24/7, as well as employing the equipment operators.

Characteristics of a Successful Heavy Equipment Supplier

For a company to be successful at hiring out this type of heavy equipment, it must have a fleet of quality earthmoving and excavating equipment of different types and capacities. This equipment must be regularly serviced, any repairs performed quickly and efficiently, and the operators fully trained and experienced at a range of earthmoving and excavating tasks.

This enables the company to build a reputation as a reliable supplier that arrives on site on time, and whose operators produce quality work quickly and safely, and who can also problem solve on the job. In the rare instance that their equipment breaks down on site, they maintain their reputation by organising alternatives with the least disruption to the clients and their sites.

Our team at Dee Gees Bobcats have built a similar reputation by delivering earthmoving services in the same professional manner just described. We work on both domestic and commercial projects and our clients include homeowners, tradespeople, developers, landscapers, suppliers of swimming pools and local councils. Our quality fleet of earthmoving and excavation equipment will arrive at your site on time, with narrow or limited access sites not being a problem for our experienced operators. We look forward to quoting on your project.

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