Thinking About A DIY Project? Have Everything Organised First

Thinking About A DIY Project? Have Everything Organised First

It takes persistence, imagination, basic trade skills and spare time to embark on a do-it-yourself home renovation. It also helps if you have a basic plan and enough money to finish the work. Many DIY projects are started with great enthusiasm, only to flounder and languish for months with little being achieved.

Don’t start a project without having everything in place

Inaccurate costings can quickly stretch the budget and too little free time often sees work left for weeks at a time, slowing down the whole project. Sometimes DIYers even start the work knowing they don’t have the materials or equipment to finish, in the hope that they can assemble resources as they progress. If this approach is successful, they eventually have a completed project, but often the work is left for months and sometimes years, until circumstances become favourable.

Make an equipment checklist before starting anything

One of the most important resources an amateur home renovator should create before starting anything is a list of everything needed to complete the project. Most likely they will already have many of the hand tools and miscellaneous items they need if they have already done work previously around the home. They should still list these items to check if they are all in working order, but they should also add things they don’t have.

Work progresses faster if all materials are on site

These are the items that they must purchase, borrow from friends and family, or equipment to hire if they are to have everything on hand at the right time to keep the work moving. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop work and leave the job site to acquire some item that should have been there ready to use.

Book your hire equipment in advance

We see this all the time with our non-professional clients. Commercial builders and other tradespeople book their hire equipment from us several weeks ahead, so it is ready on time. At Dee Gees Bobcats we often get an enquiry from a DIYer who has started a task, realised it is bigger than previously thought, and wants to hire some equipment for the same day. If we have it available, they can get on with their job, but if not, their project could be on hold for a few days.

This is why it is important to know well in advance what equipment you need to have ready, and if you are hiring it, to have made a booking with us. If you give us a time and a location, we will have your equipment there on time, serviced and ready to use. Our experienced operators can have your task completed quickly, without fuss and with minimal disruption.

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