Giving Your Garden A Face Lift? Start With The Basics

Giving Your Garden A Face Lift? Start With The Basics

If your house is looking fantastic on the inside but a little tired and shabby on the outside, it might be time for a garden renovation. Yes, there is such a thing, and it is much more than just a tidy up, throwing in a few extra plants and remembering to water regularly.

Add Value to Your Property with a Modern, Well Planned Garden

A garden renovation involves a complete rethink about the whole external environment around your house. How do you want it to look? Does it add to your lifestyle and the enjoyment you and your family get out of time outdoors? This is the perfect opportunity to start at the beginning and create something special that not only adds value to your property but also takes advantage of our outdoor-friendly climate.

Create a Plan and a Budget

Like any major project, the first place to start is with a plan and a budget. Be creative and design the garden you want, and then cost everything. Think about things such as whether or not you need a large turfed area for children to play on, or whether you would prefer a secluded area for quiet and privacy. Make sure you get quotes for any earthworks or other contract work and compare them for the best value and result.

Check with the Local Council

You should also check with your local authority to see if you need council approval for things you are planning. For example, you may be considering a structure such as a covered deck, a pergola or building something else close to the neighbouring fence line.

At Dee Gees Bobcats, we are often asked to quote for “one off” jobs when clients are renovating their gardens. A typical quote would include drilling post holes in preparation for fencing, making short trenches for new garden beds, excavating for ponds and other water features, as well as turf preparation.

Hire Contractors for the Hard Work

We quote for the entire scope of work for clients who don’t want to have any hands-on involvement, and we also quote for the tasks that are easier done by machine for the do-it-yourself owners. This takes the hard work out of creating their new garden, leaving them to choose and do the new plantings, install fencing panels, and fill and stock their ponds.

Good Turf Preparation Essential

Our turf preparation process includes aerating the existing soil, removing rocks and levelling the areas to be turfed so that all the owner has to do is roll out the turf, fertilise and water regularly until the roots are established. We can also mechanically place large boulders to keep costs down. This careful preparation will all be worth it once the rebuild is finished and you have a modern, amazing garden.

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