Leaks And Blockages In Household Pipes Always An Emergency

Leaks And Blockages In Household Pipes Always An Emergency

There are few incidents more annoying and potentially damaging than a blocked or leaking pipe in your home. Often there is no advance warning of a blockage and the first you know about the problem is when water is bubbling up out of the drain in the shower or worse still, spilling over the side of the toilet bowl. Emergency situations like this don’t give you much time to mull over the best solution or seek alternatives.

Reline or Replace?

If the problem is a leak that is outside the house, often it is under a structure such as a shed, a barbeque area with a concrete floor or a driveway or retaining wall. Getting an expert opinion on how to fix either a block or a leak is essential. Finding the cause will determine the method of repair. In some circumstances, the pipe can be relined and in others, it will need to be replaced.

Quick and Innovative

Relining is an innovative solution, especially where the leak is in a difficult to access location. The process is quick, which is important if the repair involves a sewer line, there is much less disruption to the surrounding area than a replacement and the repair is corrosion resistant. It involves inserting a new lining into the existing pipe to seal the leak.

In many situations, however, replacing the broken pipe is the correct solution. This is often where we become involved. Our operators at Dee Gees Bobcats are experienced at trench excavation but at the same time, they are mindful that once the pipe repair is completed, there will most likely be other work needed to restore the area. They do their utmost to reduce the amount of damage to any built environment in the vicinity.

Replacement and Realignment

There are some situations where pipe replacement is the best option. For example, relining is not suitable for pipes that have a significant sag issue. Pipe realignment is another case in point. Where this has occurred and is causing the blockage or leak, the best solution is to dig up the pipe and perform the realignment.

Digging Sometimes More Cost-Effective

In situations where the troublesome pipe is shallow with clear or easy access, it can be more cost-effective to use the traditional dig and replace method. This is why it is important to have the situation assessed by an expert in the appropriate trade. In either event, we have the machinery and the experienced operators to assist with your pipe repair so that your household can get back to normal.

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