Need More Vehicle Parking Spaces?

Need More Vehicle Parking Spaces?

When teenagers in most families get their driver licences, they usually want their own vehicle, so it is not too long before the family home looks like a used car lot. In larger families it is not unusual to see three or four cars jostling for parking space and this quickly worsens when their friends, who also drive, drop in or stay over.

Several Options for a Solution

The solution is to add more parking spaces and depending on the style of home and the size of the yard, there are several options. A quick and cost-effective one is to erect a carport in a suitable space, or for a more permanent solution, to extend the existing garage. A more expensive option that also adds additional living space is to raise the entire dwelling, where possible, and to utilise the space underneath.

End Result Should Add Value to the Property

The option chosen will depend on the size and shape of the block, the cost, local government regulations such as proximity to neighbouring properties, street access and other restrictions. The end result should also add value to the property so care should be taken to consider the aesthetics of the work. If it detracts from the street appeal of the property, it might still be suitable for the purpose but slashes thousands from the property value.

Check with the Local Government Authority First

The first place to start is with the local government authority. They will provide guidelines and the fees required to lodge any plans that may be needed for approval. From there, the property owner should then get a series of quotes for the work then choose those that are within their budget. It may require a couple of different trades such as builders and plumbers, depending on what is involved, and also someone competent at excavation to do the preparation work.

Many Variables to Consider

There are so many variables involved in a project such as this, that it is impossible to even estimate what each segment will cost. The cost of the excavation, for example, will be determined by constraints such as the type of soil, whether excavating rock as well as soil is involved, the impact of the work on surrounding structures, and the amount of space the operators have in order to manipulate the excavation equipment.

Here at Dee Gees Bobcats we regularly quote on this type of work and we always take every possible issue into account, as there are many considerations, with difficult sites costing more to excavate than simple ones. We offer free quotes so if you have a garage project you are considering, we will be happy discussing it with you.

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